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DXC Issues

DXC US Severance Policy as of April 2, 2017

No severance if you get an offer to work for the client, or an outsourcing vendor taking over the work, or a successor contractor. No severance if less than 20 hours per week, limited term, temporary, contingent, independent contractor, or not paid directly through the Company's payroll.

Up to 3 years of service: 2 weeks severance
3 to 5 years: 4 weeks
5 to 9 years: 5 weeks
9 to 15 years: 6 weeks
15 years or more: 8 weeks maximum

Years of Service: Each 12-month period of service during which an employee has been on the U.S. payroll of the company (which includes Enterprise Services LLC and Computer Sciences Corporation), determined from the most recent hire date.


Corporate headquarters

DXC Technology: https://www.dxc.technology/contact_us


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(Updated June 26, 2017)


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