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Operated by former employees who volunteer their time. Not endorsed or supported by the company.

Group Legal Services Plan

Advice and reference info from members. (Updated October 21, 2017.)  Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org

These plans are marketed by third parties to employees and retirees using company facilities and employee benefits communication channels. These are not actual benefit programs. The company makes no contribution to the cost of the plans and is not a party to the transactions.

Here's what ARAG tells employers: "Legal insurance means peace of mind for employees and a more productive workforce -- at no cost to you."

When members discussed this in the Benefits forum, the comments were mixed -- many members were pleased. You get a lawyer who is hungry for business. However, you can find a lawyer in your local area when you need one through referrals from people you know and trust.

Here's what ARAG tells attorneys: "After their initial interaction with network attorneys, ARAG members typically want a long-term professional relationship with that attorney and even refer the attorney to friends and family."

To evaluate the plan, enter your zip code in their Attorney Finder to see who you might get. https://www.araglegalcenter.com/home/attorneyfinder/index.htm (enter 15641hpr)
To see a lawyer's experience and specialization, look them up in the Bar Association directory for your state (or use Google to find their website.)

ARAG's website says that much of the service is provided using online documents or by phone. "A friendly Customer Care Specialist will listen to your specific situation and walk you through your plan benefits to ensure you receive the right services to help you prevent or resolve your legal issue. If your situation requires legal representation, you will also receive a CaseAssist Confirmation Package in the mail."

Limitations include: "Legal services arising out of a business interest, investment interests, employment matters, your role as an officer or director of an organization, and patents or copyrights. Legal services in class actions, post judgments, punitive damages, malpractice, appeals, small claims court or equivalent court in your state."

See details at https://www.araglegalcenter.com/home/plandetails/index.htm (enter 15641hpr and click each yellow plus-sign icon)

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