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LinkedIn Tips

Many members report that LinkedIn helped them find a new job -- even when they weren't looking. (Updated May 11, 2017.)

LinkedIn and re-entry into the workforce. Coach Sandra Clark: Part 1  Part 2

Check for defunct email addresses -- such as former employers or old email services -- in several places on your LinkedIn account. Otherwise, LinkedIn may send useful emails -- for things you specifically signed up for -- to your old address. (For example, if now at HPE, must search for @hp.com in multiple places.) How to Check and "PowerWash"

A LinkedIn account is free and requires only name and email address.

LinkedIn works in three ways:

- LinkedIn suggests "People you may know" -- based on where and when you worked and your connections in common.

- Use LinkedIn's search feature reconnect with people who know you and your work -- or to find ex-HPers where you would like to work. Several searches per month with a free membership.

- Recruiters and hiring managers who are looking for your skills and experience will find you. Requires a well-thought-out LinkedIn profile.

Much of the advice about using LinkedIn is for those seeking sales leads or promoting a business -- instead of for those looking for a job or building their career. Some common advice can get you in trouble with LinkedIn or turn off recruiters and hiring managers. Our HP-focused video -- "Building and Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile" -- How to take control of this powerful, free tool.

Invitations. Unless you are seeking sales leads, only accept LinkedIn invitations from people you really know. Forbes article by career columnist Liz Ryan.

LinkedIn has changed how profile headlines work -- update your headline! Sandra Clark, the speaker on our "Building and Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile" video, with advice on headlines: http://linkedinmentoring.com/just-one-thing-add-good-headline

Improve your chances of being found by a human or a bot: Why Less Isn't More On LinkedIn

Check your LinkedIn profile:

- As part of the HPI/HPE separation, HP changed the personal profiles of many former and current employees to display the Hewlett Packard Enterprise logo, rather than the Hewlett-Packard logo, for past positions. This may not be what you want. How to check and correct your profile

- Check that the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields are correct on your account -- so that you can be found. Some folks have first and last reversed. It is even possible to wind up with a comma as your last name. <smile>

- Be sure that your LinkedIn profile explicitly covers your technical specialties, experience, and skills. Recruiters and their assistants search for key words and phrases on LinkedIn. What LinkedIn tells recruiters:  LinkedIn for recruiters   Boolean searching

We recommend that you include your personal email address as primary or secondary address on your LinkedIn account.

Google yourself -- with your name in quotation marks -- to be sure you don't have a forgotten LinkedIn account connected to former email address. If you have a common name, include "HP" as one of the Google search terms. Repeat the search with each employer you have ever had. Repeat if you have worked under another name. How to merge duplicate accounts.

Join HP Connections 81,000-member group on LinkedIn for current employees and alumni of Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP Inc, acquisitions, and spinoffs. Reconnect with people who know you and your work. Find ex-HPers where you would like to work. (HPAA membership not required.)

Join the HP social and professional networking groups that fit your location and HP career. (Operated by informal groups of alumni around the world.) There is probably an informal online group for each organization you have worked in -- including HP acquisitions and spinoffs. For example, there are large groups for EDS and Compaq alumni. And there are many local clubs.

How to reduce LinkedIn emails

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