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4c. LinkedIn Positions - Compaq

Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org (Updated March 3, 2018.)

Steps: 1. Check account settings  2. Optimize profile  3. Optimize positions  4. Use networking features

LinkedIn now tries to force each position on your profile into one of the companies in their company database. Organizational units such as divisions, subsidiaries. etc. that were formerly listed as separate companies -- confusing to outsiders and missed in recruiter searches -- are being eliminated from the database. A side-effect is that many companies no longer in business under their original name are also no longer in the database.




    1. Enter "Compaq Computer Corporation" -- and select it twice -- to get the "Q" Compaq logo.

or 2. Spell out "Compaq" and stop there  -- and select it twice -- to get "Compaq" and the HP/Compaq logo.


LinkedIn displays other companies that are not the real Compaq.

- "Compaq Computers" with no logo is a 34-person company in Ohio.

- "Compaq Computer Holdings Limited" has no employees.

- "Compaq International" is a cable manufacturer in India.

- "Compaq Comptuer" [sic] is a house in Connecticut.


Key date: May 6, 2002 -- legal merger completed. (Compaq brandname used for some PCs and PC accessories for several years.)

Hewlett-Packard or HP Inc: Enter "HP" -- and select it twice -- for the official HPI company page and logo. Do not enter "HP Inc" or "Hewlett-Packard" -- with or without the hyphen.

If you enter "Hewlett Packard" without the hyphen, the wordless green rectangle logo with "Hewlett Packard Enterprise" as employer comes up.

"Hewlett-Packard" -- with the hyphen -- is not listed as an employer in the LinkedIn company database.

"HP UK" includes people from all over the world. Even if in the UK, not a good company to use -- a recruiter may not find you. Indicate your UK work location in the entry for the position. 

Key date: November 1, 2015 -- renamed "HP Inc" after the HPI/HPE split.

HPE: Enter "Hewlett Packard" -- and select it twice -- for the official HPE company page and logo to get the wordless green rectangle logo with "Hewlett Packard Enterprise" as employer.

(The HP name and logo were taken over by HPE.)

Note that the company name is "Hewlett Packard Enterprise" -- singular, not plural, and no hyphen. <smile> Here's the internal training video  
Key date: November 1, 2015 -- HPE opened for business.

If LinkedIn doesn't have a company page for what you enter, settle for the blank gray logo -- as long as the phrase isn't too similar to the name of one of the companies in LinkedIn's company database. This is not recommended for variations of HP, HPE, EDS, etc. Recruiters who are looking for people from a particular company because of product knowledge, process experience, or culture may not find you -- and if they do find you, may think that your profile is a fake.

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