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HPAA Video: "Building and Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile"

Much of the advice about using LinkedIn is for those seeking sales leads or promoting a business -- instead of for those looking for a job or building their career. Some common advice can get you in trouble with LinkedIn or turn off recruiters and hiring managers.

Trainer and coach Sandra Clark explains to an HPAA audience how to use some of the many hidden features -- and take control of this powerful, free tool.   

Among the practical answers in the Q-and-A: Do I need a paid LinkedIn account? How do I clean up multiple LinkedIn profiles? How is a profile different from a résumé? How far back should my job history go? How do I deal with skills and endorsements?

The best way to use the video is to "sing along" -- open your LinkedIn account in a second window and pause the video as you explore LinkedIn features and edit your profile. However, before making any changes to your profile, move the "Notify your network" slide switch on the right side of the page to "No." When you are done, you may want to flip the switch to "Yes" and make a trivial change somewhere in your profile to broadcast your new, improved profile to your connections.

HPAA LinkedIn Video  (63 minutes; YouTube optimizes video quality for your connection speed.)

Note that As part of the separation, HP changed the personal profiles of many former and current employees to display the Hewlett Packard Enterprise logo, rather than the Hewlett-Packard logo, for past positions. This may not be what you want. How to check and correct your profile

Hewlett Packard Enterprise logo Hewlett-Packard logo

To get the most from LinkedIn, use the HPAA's: LinkedIn Tips.

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