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Members talk about LinkedIn

"Got a call from a recruiter who found me on LinkedIn. Led to a job outside of HP with higher pay and rewards. My current job description had the primary skill my new employer was looking for. If I didn't have a profile, they wouldn't have found me at all. I got two more job pings -- after having had none in the previous several years." -- Member

"Before I meet with someone for the first time, such as a job interview, I view their profile for common interests and potential conversation topics. After I have met someone, I connect and make notes on LinkedIn.  I am diligent about keeping my profile updated as it attracts inquiries about my consulting work. This often leads to a great contract."  -- Cathy Carlson 

"We're all in business today. There's very little job security -- and we have to keep up with the network of people we know and the new people we meet. I don't think that you can make a mistake with LinkedIn -- because it's forgiving. Just start doing it! -- Barbara Madden

LinkedIn works in three ways:

- Recruiters and hiring managers who are looking for your skills and experience will find you. Requires a well-thought-out LinkedIn profile.

- LinkedIn helps you reconnect with former co-workers inside or outside HP -- people who know you and your work. The automatic "People you may know" suggestions are uncanny -- and actually fun.

-.You can find ex-HPers at a company where you would like to work -- or by industry, title, or city. With a free membership, you can run a number of searches per month. Surprisingly often, it finds a friend in common who can introduce you.  Membership in LinkedIn groups, such as the HPAA's 81,000-member "HP Connections" networking group, improves searching.

To get the most from LinkedIn, use the HPAA's: LinkedIn Tips.

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