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Guide to HPAA -- how to access discussion forums, HPAlumni Flash email distribution list, networking, US job posts.


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Change email address or reinstate HPAA membership

Unsubscribe or subscribe to one or more HPAA forums or email lists  (Change which HPAA emails you receive)

Change to a single daily digest email for an HPAA forum or email list

Automatically sort your incoming mail into folders

Troubleshoot your email

Details on how HPAA uses Yahoo Groups and LinkedIn


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Browse past posts on forums

Attach all your Yahoo group memberships to your Yahoo account

Change to daily digest delivery or change profile for any subscription (Click "Edit My Groups" on the left.)

See and change all Yahoo Groups subscriptions on one screen (Click "Edit My Groups" on the left.)

Add or remove an address from your Yahoo account



Join and use HPAA's LinkedIn networking groups



Post Jobs

Submit an obituary or memorial service announcement about a current or former HP employee to the HPAA's "HP Remembrance" email list..

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Contact the HPAA volunteers: info@hpalumni.org

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