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HP-related stock issues for former EDS employees  (Updated March 29, 2018.)

See also our main page on stock issues: http://www.hpalumni.org/stock

Micro Focus "Seattle SpinCo" US tax liability on 2017 return. Hewlett Packard Enterprise shareholders received shares in a UK company -- Micro Focus -- in the spinoff of HPE's software business. Due to unique circumstances involving a non-US corporation, HPE indicates that this transaction is taxable for US shareholders -- even if no Micro Focus stock has been sold.  3. Micro Focus tax

If you acquired HP stock via the EDS employee stock purchase plan. Determine cost basis and ordinary income or capital gain for each lot of shares spawned by HP since the EDS acquisition -- HP Inc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology, Micro Focus...   HPAA Stock Spreadsheets

Discussed on the HPAA Finance Forum.   Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org

For each share of   [stock symbol]   owned on
  you received [new stock









cash from Hewlett-Packard Company. (32% premium over EDS price of $18.86 before announcement: NYTimes)



Where's my HPI stock? It is unlikely that all of your employee stock is in one place -- especially if there have been spinoffs. You need to determine where your stock is currently located -- and keep each of the companies administering your accounts up-to-date on your current address. Where's my employee stock?

HP FAQ on the acquisition

Details on the sale. And other info for former EDS employees

EDS Stock splits     Last four EDS Annual Reports     For EDS SEC filings, go to the SEC's EDGAR site.   

EDS stock is no longer traded. You can exchange shares for $25 per share in cash.
HP's instructions for regular shareholders: HPI site

Official HP public page on employee stock, including EDS ESPP: HPI Global Total Rewards

Official HPE public page on employee stock, including EDS ESPP: HPE Global Total Rewards

HPAA member advice:  HP paid $25.00 per share in cash. You should have received a check at the time. Either that -- or the money would have been turned over by now to a state unclaimed property department. See HPAA's page on How to find lost stock and dividends

EDS annual reports on HP website: HPI site

EDS stock price history on third-party website: http://www.1stock1.com/1stock1_175.htm

Contact HPI Investor Relations

Your broker may have used a different formula than the one suggested in the tax basis letter provided by the company -- resulting in a somewhat different value. Check your brokerage account online -- or by examining a recent account statement -- to view your holdings in each stock going forward. HPI/HPE cost basis letter

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