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New: If you had HPE stock at Merrill Lynch on Sept 1, 2017, a corrected 1099-B is scheduled be available on Tues April 17.  (Updated 5:50 PM, April 14, 2018.)  Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org

Merrill Lynch is the current Stock Award Plan Administrator for both HPI and HPE. HPE indicates that spinoff shares should show up in your account at each plan administrator.

Update 5PM Sat: At the HPAA's request, HPE Investor Relations checked with Merrill Lynch. "...apparently Merrill made errors in 1099s impacting about 500 individuals that had transferred their shares out of Merrill, or sold, before the date on which Merrill processed the Seattle tax basis adjustments and failed to properly reflect tax basis and cap gains for those accounts. All individuals were notified yesterday and corrected 1099s are being issued."

Apparently applies to:

- HPE Stock Award Plan. Administrator is the MyBenefits division of Merrill Lynch.

- HP Inc Stock Award Plan. Administrator is the MyBenefits division of Merrill Lynch.

- Any US person who had HPE stock on Sept 1, 2017 at Merrill Lynch -- probably applies

Merrill Lynch says that you can view, print or download the corrected 1099-B online, as described in this email received by an HPAA member on April 13:

"During a recent internal review of our tax records for the year 2017, we discovered that the IRS Tax Form 1099 mailed to you in January 2018 (and provided in your online account) was incorrect due to the omission of cost basis information related to the 2017 corporate actions.

"As a result, we have adjusted our records and a corrected 2017 IRS Form 1099 will be reissued on or about Tuesday, April 17, 2018. The corrected IRS Form 1099 will be mailed to your address on record and you can view, print or download it by accessing "Statements and Documents" in your account at www.mymerrill.com or www.mybenefits.ml.com . Please use the revised form marked "corrected" to file your 2017 tax return.

"Neither Merrill Lynch nor Hewlett Packard Enterprise provide tax advice. Contact a tax professional for assistance.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please contact us at 1.844.473.3789 if you have any questions.


"Retirement & Benefit Plan Services"

A team of HP Alumni volunteers has developed a set of information, links, and spreadsheets to help you find all your Employee Stock, protect it, document it -- and not pay double tax on it.

--cg, moderator
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