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Micro Focus (Seattle SpinCo, MFGP) stock issues for former and current employees 

(Updated April 28, 2018.) 

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Mutual help for those who acquired stock via employment at Hewlett-Packard, HP Inc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Compaq, EDS, or other HP predecessor companies.

Other stockholders should contact the companies directly.

Operated by former employees who volunteer their time. Not endorsed or supported by the company.

Time to untangle your stock! Due to the breakup of HP, many have discovered that they have stock in more HP-related companies (as many as seven), located in more accounts, and with much less accurate cost basis values that they thought. You or your heirs could lose some of the stock or dividends as "abandoned" -- and you could wind up paying taxes twice on the same income. A team of HP Alumni volunteers has developed a step-by-step process to help you find all your stock, protectit from being treated as abandoned property, and prevent double taxation. Go to Employee Stock

Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org

Go to:   Employee Stock and go through the steps for the details and action to take.

Micro Focus is a U.K. company, listed on the London Stock Exchange as "MCRO." (Source)
HPE shareholders received American Depositary Shares, traded on the NYSE as "MFGP." An ADS is an equity share of a foreign company traded in dollars on an American stock exchange. (If you want details: Investopedia Definition of ADS   Micro Focus ADS page ) The ADSs are administered by Deutsche Bank Trust Company and American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, both incorporated in New York. MFGP is not a foreign stock -- the ADSs keep it domestic.
HPE shareholders presumably received shares in Micro Focus via a mechanism similar to how their HP and HPE shares are administered and traded.

See also:

- Summary of Micro Focus business and employment outlook     MFGP stock price history

For each share of...      stock symbol   owned on
(sorted by date)
  you received New stock symbol   In HPAA cost basis spreadsheets?   Incorporated
in (to find lost stock)
  If you want

HP bought Autonomy








cash from HP, a 64% premium 








Autonomy details

HP spun off HPE




share of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.







HPE details

-  HPE spun off Seattle SpinCo








share of temporary "Seattle SpinCo."


 - -






MFGP details

    -  Seattle spin/merge with Micro Focus

 - -



Micro Focus ADSs (American Depositary Shares.) 





* U.K.


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