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Micro Focus ("Seattle SpinCo") stock issues  

This page includes details and spreadsheets to calculate potential tax liability using your HPE cost basis before the spinoff.

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Advice and reference info from members. (Updated 7AM February 24, 2018.)  Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org

If you were formerly a regular, direct employee of Hewlett-Packard, HP Inc, or Hewlett Packard Enterprise or have a defined retirement or termination date join the HP Alumni Association. No charge, thanks to HPAA members. This topic is covered in the HPAA's US Finance Forum, where members discuss US personal finance issues -- such as Social Security and stock -- from an ex-HP perspective.

An HPAA team is in the process of updating this page and the spreadsheets. Please check back on Monday evening, February 26.

Micro Focus "Seattle SpinCo" US tax liability on 2017 return. US HPE shareholders received American Depositary Receipts in a UK company -- Micro Focus International -- in the Sept. 1, 2017 spinoff of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software (HPES), and may have realized gains that they must recognize and report on their 2017 tax returns -- even if the MFGP stock has not been sold. (An ADR is a negotiable certificate issued by a US bank representing a specified number of shares in a foreign stock.)

"...U.S. shareholders will be required to recognize gain (but not loss) on the exchange of their Seattle Class A common stock for Micro Focus ADSs. In addition, if you received cash in lieu of fractional shares, you may recognize taxable gain or loss..." HPE Tax Information for Shareholders  Detailed explanation: Bloomberg Tax News

Members report that brokerages show the disposed shares as from the temporary company "Seattle SpinCo" (along with many cash-in-lieu-of-fractional-shares transactions.)

You should receive a 1099-B from your broker or the entity holding your shares, and it will show "proceeds" reflecting the fair market value (FMV) of the Seattle SpinCo shares on Sept. 1, 2017. If they have correct cost basis values for your HPE stock lots and accurately track it, they will show only those lots with a gain, which are the ones to report on your taxes.

If the MFGP basis in any shares or lots is GREATER than the opening day FMV, you have a loss, but that is NOT recognized for tax purposes. It does NOT offset gains in other Seattle SpinCo/MFGP lots. The higher-than-FMV basis is carried forward until you sell the MFGP.

For those lots with reportable gain, the MFGP basis is stepped up to the opening day FMV. (HPE's letter uses $29.34, the average Sept. 1 MFGP open and close.)

A team of HPAA members has developed a Micro Focus US Tax Spreadsheet (v04) to calculate potential tax liability using the number of shares in each lot and your HPE cost basis values -- formatted to match IRS 1040 Schedule D and Form 8949. 

Alternatively, you may prefer HPAA's HP-Related Stock Basis Spreadsheet which covers other issues in addition to the Micro Focus tax issue -- but calculates tax liability on a per-share basis, rather than per-lot. Covers Hewlett-Packard Company, HP Inc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Agilent, Keysight, DXC Technology, and Micro Focus ("Seattle SpinCo") -- including the Micro Focus US tax liability issue -- on a per-share basis. One spreadsheet is preloaded with official HP FMV information from 1959 through November 2017. The other spreadsheets start with your cost basis for either HPQ shares acquired after 11/1/2000 or HPE shares acquired after 10/21/2015. Reference example for the HP-Related Stock Basis Spreadsheet, by Tom von Alten. (Revised February 4, 2018.)

Member tips:  (To help other folks, please post your tips on the HPAA Finance Forum.)

- TurboTax lets you import information from most brokers. See TurboTax Import Partner list.

See also our main page on stock issues: http://www.hpalumni.org/stock and our page on general Micro Focus issues.


For each share of   [stock symbol]   owned on
      you received   [new stock symbol]

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


2017- 09-01


Micro Focus ADSs (American Depositary Shares) (Cash paid for fractional shares.)
May also appear on broker statements as the temporary company "Seattle SpinCo."

London: MCRO


HPE announcement


MFGP price history

Where's my Micro Focus stock?

Stock info for former and current employees -- see below.

Micro Focus stock and options issues for former and current employees:

- US tax issue. The HPE announcement says "The transaction is expected to be tax-free to HPE." (emphasis added.)  However, the transaction did create a US taxable capital gain for HPE shareholders. Discussed on the HPAA Finance Forum.

- Official HPE presentation to HPE employees (undated 0.5MB pdf file) which covers:
- What happens to HPE shares you own (pages 8-9.)
- What happens to your Long-Term Incentives -- options and RSUs (pages 12-16.)
- US taxable capital gain on MFGP share distribution (page 18-19.)

- Contact HPE Investor Relations

- Unexpired HPE options. We don't have data yet. (However, people who were transitioned to DXC found that the HPE options in their Merrill Lynch account vanished but were converted to DXC options in a new Fidelity account.)

- Cost basis - Micro Focus Form 8937   Micro Focus Tax Documentation


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