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Which company am I (or will I be) a retiree of -- HPI, HPE, DXC, or Micro Focus?


Note that this is not an official document. The HPAA is an independent volunteer organization not endorsed or supported by HPI or HPE.

This information was developed working with members and our contacts at HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Rev. Mar 22, 2017.


HP's phrase "Pre-2003 HP Medical Program" refers to the year when HP's retiree medical program was redesigned. If you retired in 2003 or later, you may qualify for the Pre-2003 program -- depending on your length of service and other factors. Details: http://www.hpalumni.org/Pre2003


Summary: Depends on which company's payroll you were on at the time you retired. To avoid duplication of programs, HPI is administering benefits for certain HPE retirees.

1. Retired from Hewlett-Packard Company before the 11/1/15 HPI/HPE split: Classified as a retiree of HP Inc.

2. Retired from HP Inc. after the 11/1/15 HPI/HPE split: Classified as a retiree of HP Inc.

3. Retired from Hewlett Packard Enterprise after the 11/1/15 HPI/HPE split: Classified as a retiree of HPE. (Exception: If qualified for the Pre-2003 HP Medical Program, classified as a retiree of HPE, however medical benefits will be administered by HPI.)

4. Retired from an HPE spinoff company -- such as DXC or Micro Focus -- after the corresponding spinoff date: Classified as a retiree of the spinoff company. (As of Mar 22, 2017 it is unclear which company will administer medical benefits for those qualified for the Pre-2003 HP Medical Program.)

5. Retired from EDS before the HP acquisition: Classified as a retiree of HP Inc. (Check for an old vested EDS pension if you haven't already done so -- HP Retirement Services Center. Benefits and finance issues related to EDS service are discussed on the EDS Alumni LinkedIn Group.)

6. Retired from DEC: Classified as a retiree of HP Inc.


How are retiree benefits funded?

"...as is the case each year, changes to retiree medical designs or premiums are possible... based on increasing health care costs. On a longer-term basis, each company [HPI and HPE] will make independent decisions regarding retiree benefits, considering market, business and other factors.  As is the case today, future changes are always possible, and the separation will not change that fact..."

"Overall, HP's pension plans are well funded and we continue to make contributions to pensions based on local funding requirements.  HP is committed to maintaining funding in accordance with relevant pension funding rules, and this will not change following the business separation. Keep in mind any vested HP pension benefits you maintain are obligations of the pension plan itself, rather than HP.  HP has made contributions to fund these benefits in a separate trust over time, and pension benefits are subject to minimum funding requirements that will continue even after the separation."

--Posted March 17, 2015 under "Retiree News" on the official HP Continuum password-protected retiree website operated by HP Inc.


Official medical benefits contact points:

- HP Inc Benefits Center (Operated for HP Inc by Aon/Hewitt.)

- Hewlett Packard Enterprise Benefits Center (Operated for HPE by Aon/Hewitt)

Official financial benefits contact points:

- HP Retirement Services Center (Operated by Fidelity Investments.)


If you are receiving Retiree or COBRA benefits from HP, join the HPAA at no charge for the HPAA's Benefits forum. Among other topics, forum members compare notes on US retiree and COBRA health plans year-round and during Annual Enrollment.  www.hpalumni.org  

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