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Advice and reference info from members. (Updated January 14, 2018.)

This topic is covered in the HPAA's US Benefits Forum. Mutual help on health coverage -- COBRA, retirement, Medicare, open-market. Annual Enrollment, discounts.

Contact the HPAA volunteers: info@hpalumni.org   

ASAP Checklist. What to do before losing access to internal systems. 

What I wish I had known before I left. Surprises and hazards -- based on input from dozens of HPAA members.

Which Company am I a former employee or retiree of? HPI, HPE or?

Health Insurance

Annual Enrollment for US retiree and COBRA health coverage.

Who does what? The HPAA's summary of the roles played by the Benefits Centers and each of their many providers -- and how to escalate. 

Contacts. Official and unofficial contact directories for HP and HP's providers.

US Benefits Forum. Mutual help on health coverage -- COBRA, retirement, Medicare, open-market. Annual Enrollment, discounts.

Stock and options issues for HP alumni. Where are my stock records? What is my cost basis? and more.

Discounts. Wireless, hardware, supplies, non-HP products and services. (The company fleet sales program has been discontinued.)

Retiree gold badge. Now symbolic only.

Insurance Programs. Various types of insurance -- such as life, auto, and legal plans -- have been marketed by third parties to employees and retirees using company facilities and employee-benefits communication channels. (Insurance companies do this in order to reduce their lead-acquisition and sales costs.)

These are not actual benefit programs and have not been related to the company's corporate volume purchasing for decades. The company never made any contribution to the cost of the plans and was not a party to the transactions. To resolve any issues, you must contact the insurance company directly.

When renewing, be sure you compare with plans available online directly from the same insurance company or through other sources -- such as knowledgeable local agents -- or AAA, AARP, Costco, credit unions, professional organizations like ACM or IEEE, and other organizations you are affiliated with.

Group Legal Services. Member feedback from HPAA Benefits Forum discussions.

$5,000 employee/retiree life insurance. The amount had not changed in decades. HP and Agilent both dropped the death benefit in 2010.

Join the HPAA. For more mutual help on these topics and many others, join the HP Alumni Association. You are eligible to join the HP Alumni Association if you were formerly a regular, direct employee of Hewlett-Packard, HP Inc, or Hewlett Packard Enterprise– or have a defined retirement or termination date.  Thanks to the HPAA's Supporting Members, there is no charge.

The Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association is an independent volunteer organization of former HP, HP Inc, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise employees – and current employees in the process of leaving. Operated by former employees who volunteer their time; not endorsed or supported by HPI or HPE. 

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