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Operated by former employees who volunteer their time. Not endorsed or supported by the company.

Non-HP product and service offers for employees and retirees

Advice and reference info from members.  (Updated May 25, 2018.)  Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org

Disneyland. Advance ticket discounts were formerly available at various HP sites, including the HP Store in Palo Alto. Disneyland has dropped their Corporate Discount Program. As a result, HPE closed the HP Store in Palo Alto due to declining sales.

Beneplace. Offers for other than HP products -- and for services such as cellular, hotels, and car rental -- are currently promoted to employees, retirees, and alumni by a third-party marketing company called "Beneplace." Identical Beneplace promotions are offered to employees and retirees of many companies and organizations. The Beneplace offers are not related to HPI's or HPE's corporate volume purchasing contracts. HP says: "HP Retiree Programs is not an HP-sponsored benefit program. HP does not promote or endorse and is not responsible for any of the products, services or practices promoted on this website or sites that link from this website."

Members advise that you should compare prices by doing an online search and by checking for offers through other sources -- such as AAA, AARP, Costco, credit unions, professional organizations like ACM or IEEE, and other organizations you are affiliated with. (For example, here is AARP's discount directory -- 50 and older; $12 to join.)

With any of these deals -- Beneplace or otherwise -- you must follow the special online process precisely so that their local stores or their regular phone sales centers are not involved.

On the Beneplace employee/retiree offer sites, note that most offers are for current employees only. There are two ways to tell whether you qualify for a retiree offer from a particular company. First, check for any icons: the "Partner discount" icon means that the offer is for current employees. If a "Retiree discount" icon is not also displayed along with a "Partner discount" icon, then the offer is only for current employees. If there are no icon, eligibility for the offer is indicated by the wording of the offer. The Beneplace sites include a link to contact HPI or HPE Employee Programs with questions.

HPI. If you are classified as an HP Inc retiree:
- Official HP Continuum private retiree website. Log in to HP Continuum, select "Discounts" then "Retiree Programs" for password.
- Direct link to the third-party Beneplace "Employee Programs" marketing site: HPI Employee Programs  To obtain a password from HPI, click on the faint blue link below the pictures.

HPE. If you are classified as a Hewlett Packard Enterprise retiree:
- HPE retiree website: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/about/jobs/retiree/Benefit.html  
- Direct link to the third-party Beneplace "Employee Programs" marketing site:  HPE Employee Programs  To obtain a password from HPE, click on the faint green link below the pictures.

First -- Which Company am I a retiree or former employee of? HPI, or HPE, or multiple companies? Given HP's complex history of  acquisitions, divestitures, and spinoffs, the company that you are a former employee of may not be obvious. Before contacting one of the HP-related companies, check here: Which Company 


Other retiree discount issues:

The Retiree gold badge. Now symbolic only. (At some older sites, may be useful for discounts at some local businesses.) Details

The Microsoft Home Use program requires an employee email address -- and is, therefore, not open to retirees. Members suggest LibreOffice as free alternative -- there are versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. https://www.libreoffice.org

Vehicle offers. HP company car purchasing was outsourced to a third-party leasing company many years ago. When EDS had a close relationship with GM, EDS people qualified for the GM employee discount program -- today only those receiving a GM pension qualify.

There are some limited new- and off-lease car offers from the "Beneplace" third-party marketing company, which is not related to HP's corporate purchasing -- see details above.

Some credit unions work with local rental/leasing company resale outlets to offer cars to their members.

AAA, AARP, Consumer Reports, Costco, credit unions, and other organizations offer car-buying services. However, you can research prices and available cars online. Most dealers have dedicated non-commissioned Internet sales reps. You make an appointment to test-drive and buy a car offered at a fixed price -- with no intermediary involved.

HP fleet sales. For decades, HP bought cars directly from Ford (a major instrument system customer) and maintained them (sometimes at HP facilities.) Many years ago, fleet management was outsourced to a third-party leasing company. The leasing company may offer the vehicle to the employee who drove the vehicle. However, the last open nationwide employee/retiree sale by the leasing company was in 2014 -- which was publicized in an HPAA "HPAlumni Flash" email at the time. The process was cumbersome and -- since the seller was the leasing company -- the prices were at open-market levels.  

Insurance discount programs. Various types of insurance -- such as Auto, Home, Long-Term Care, and Legal plans -- have been marketed by third parties to employees and retirees using company facilities and employee-benefits communication channels. Insurance companies set up these marketing programs with employers to reduce advertising expense and eliminate sales commissions to local agents.

These are not company-subsidized benefits and are not related to the company's corporate volume purchasing. The company never made any contribution to the cost of the plans and was not a party to the transactions. You are billed directly. To resolve any issues, you must contact the insurance company.

Before renewing, be sure you compare features in detail with plans available online directly from the same insurance company or through other sources -- such as knowledgeable local agents -- or AAA, AARP, Costco, credit unions, professional organizations like ACM or IEEE, and other organizations you are affiliated with.

Group Legal Services. Member feedback from HPAA Benefits Forum discussions.

See also: Directory of member advice on all discounts (wireless service, HP PCs and printers, printer supplies, non-HP products and services -- and the Retiree Gold Badge.)

For more mutual help on this topic and many others, join the independent HP Alumni Association. If you were formerly a regular, direct employee of Hewlett-Packard, HP Inc, or Hewlett Packard Enterprise -- or have a defined retirement or termination date, join the HPAA. No charge, thanks to HPAA members.

 2018 Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association, Inc.  By using this site you accept these terms  Operated by former employees who volunteer their time. Not endorsed or supported by the company.