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Wireless service discounts for employees and retirees

Advice and reference info from members. (Updated August 8, 2017.)  Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org

"If you have a company-paid cell phone account, you need to either set up a new cell phone account (with a new number) and notify your callers -- or use the form on the HP site to have the cell phone number reassigned to your personal cell phone account. Your HP cell phone number may vanish quickly."
--from HPAA's "ASAP Checklist"

The major wireless vendors appear to have shut down retiree discounts for most companies and organizations -- including HP. Those who had cellular discounts are receiving emails at contract renewal time requiring them to verify their current HP employment. It appears that the past retiree discounts were due to the cellular vendors not re-verifying employment. Some members report being able to renew their contract at local carrier-owned wireless stores by providing their HP business card or other HP identification.

Beneplace. Discounts for other than HP products -- and for services such as cellular, hotels, and car rental -- are currently offered to employees and retirees by a third-party marketing company called "Beneplace." This program is not related to the company's corporate volume purchasing discounts.

Members advise that you should also check any other affiliations you have -- AAA, AARP, Costco, Credit Unions, etc. -- for similar marketing deals.

With any of these deals -- HPI/HPE or otherwise -- you must follow the special online process precisely so that their local stores or their regular phone sales centers are not involved.

On the Beneplace employee/retiree discount sites, note that most discounts are for current employees only. There are two ways to tell whether you qualify for a retiree discount from a particular company. First, check for any icons: the "Partner discount" icon means that the discount is for current employees. If a "Retiree discount" icon is not also displayed along with a "Partner discount" icon, then the discount is only for current employees. If there are no icon, the type of discount is indicated by the wording of the discount. The Beneplace sites include a link to contact HPI/HPE Employee Programs with questions.

Direct links to the third-party Beneplace "Employee Programs" marketing sites:
- HPI Employee Programs
- HPE Employee Programs

For HP's information -- including links to the third-party Beneplace marketing sites:
- If you are classified as a HPI retiree, details are on the official HP Continuum password-protected retiree website.
- If classified as a HPE retiree, details are on the HPE retiree website: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/about/jobs/retiree/Benefit.html 


You may do better with a "no-contract" arrangement -- where you purchase a "SIM-free" or "unlocked" phone -- or with a pre-paid wireless plan.

See also: Directory of member advice on all discounts (wireless service, HP PCs and printers, printer supplies, non-HP products and services -- and the Retiree Gold Badge.)

For more mutual help on this topic and many others, join the independent HP Alumni Association. If you were formerly a regular, direct employee of Hewlett-Packard, HP Inc, or Hewlett Packard Enterprise -- or have a defined retirement or termination date, join the HPAA. No charge, thanks to HPAA members.

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