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HP Breakup-Related Email Issues (HPI, HPE, DXC, Micro Focus...)

Advice and reference info from members. (Updated May 3, 2017.)  Contact the HPAA volunteers: info@hpalumni.org 

Your old company email account and email autoreply will vanish. Emails get this ominous reply: "Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table" -- which may not be passed on to the sender (and may be interpreted unfavorably if it is passed on.)

No matter where you work, what your job situation, or how innocent your activities -- there are serious legal and privacy issues with using your employer's IT facilities for your personal business. The email accounts and files (and the email and file backup archives -- which may cover years) all legally belong to your employer, not to you. Important personal emails may be discarded as spam or phishing by the company firewall. There are also identity-theft and data-loss risks. You must untangle your personal business from your employer's systems. This is for your employer's sake as well as your own.

You can get a free or low-cost personal email account in a few minutes (Member advice: How to set up a professional email account.) 

ASAP ChecklistIf in the process of leaving, what to do before losing access to internal systems... and in the following few weeks.

For more mutual help on these topics and many others, join the HP Alumni Association. You are eligible to join the HP Alumni Association if you were formerly a regular, direct employee of Hewlett-Packard, HP Inc, or Hewlett Packard Enterprise– or have a defined retirement or termination date.  Thanks to the HPAA's Supporting Members, there is no charge.

The Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association is an independent volunteer organization of former HP, HP Inc, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise employees – and current employees in the process of leaving. Operated by former employees who volunteer their time; not officially endorsed or supported. 

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