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Job Hunting - Member Advice

Advice from HPAA members on job searching -- inside or outside HP. (Updated June 26, 2017.)

  1. HP needs room for the next generation.  
    "...we need to return to a labor pyramid that really looks like a triangle where you have a lot of early career people who bring a lot of knowledge who you're training to move up through your organization, and then people fall out either from a performance perspective or whatever... It also helps us from a cost perspective... Changing the shape of your labor pyramid takes a couple of years, but we are on it... we put in place an informal rule... when you are replacing someone, really think about the new style of IT skills."
    --Meg Whitman, CEO of HPE, DXC board member, and former chairman of HPI. (full comment)

  2. Members recommend spending most of your time searching outside the company -- you are a stronger candidate while still employed. Very few members report finding an internal job during their "redeployment period." Many report losing critical time and wasting valuable energy on discussions about internal jobs that ended abruptly without explanation.

  3. Advice and info on returning to HPI, HPE, DXC, or Micro Focus -- including informal and formal restrictions. 

  4. Use LinkedIn to reconnect with people you worked with in the past. You will be surprised at the help some will give. "Don't be shy about contacting each and every manager and friend you know and asking them if they know anyone who might be hiring. I know that's obvious, but hey, some techies are introverted and sort of reclusive. This is no time for that." CBS News

  5. "Job Searching for the Mature Worker" HPAA video. Pat Richards from nonprofit NOVA Workforce Services, Sunnyvale, California. Practical, actionable advice. Questions and discussion.

  6. Be sure to take advantage of any transition services provided by the company. Members consistently report that the Lee Hecht Harrison classes are excellent. Typical comment: "LHH was crucial in coaching me in how to find a job in today's market."  (LHH is helpful even if actually retiring from the workforce: "They had some really interesting self-reflection sessions about considering what to do in retirement.")

  7. Check into local job-networking groups (often hosted by churches but not limited to parishioners.) The meetings may be primarily motivational -- but there is often a bulletin board or email distribution list with local opportunities.

  8. Regardless of whether you left HP voluntarily or otherwise, this pragmatic discussion by Jane Bryant Quinn is very helpful in thinking about your future: "The Golden Boot."

For additional career and job information: Networking, LinkedIn, "What I wish I had known before I left HP," Employment and Salary Verification, HPAA Job Posts, and more -- see the main HPAA page on Career and Job Issues.

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