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Professional and social groups for alumni and current employees of HP

Use HPAA's LinkedIn Checklist. LinkedIn when you aren't looking for a job. HP-focused video -- "Building and Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile." Improve your chances of being found on LinkedIn. Reconnect with former co-workers who know you and your work.

Professional networking groups help you with job-hunting. Social groups focus on fellowship and activities. Some have local meetings or reunions; many are online. Some are operated by the HPAA; some are supported by HP -- and there are dozens of other formal and informal groups for different HP organizations, including HP acquisitions and spinoffs.

A sampling of events sponsored by the HPAA: Events and Online Webinars

Here's how to find the HP-related groups to suit your needs and interests...

HPAA's professional network on LinkedIn

Join HP Connections 80,000-member group on LinkedIn for current employees and alumni of Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP Inc., acquisitions, and spinoffs. Improves your ability to reconnect with people who know you and know your work and makes it easier to find ex-HPers where you would like to work. (HPAA membership not required.) If difficulty joining with one click, sync-up.  (Get the most from LinkedIn: LinkedIn Checklist.)

Social and professional networking groups Our directory of 190 informal HP-related social and professional groups around the world.

There is probably an informal online group for each organization you have worked in -- including HP acquisitions and spinoffs. And many local clubs.

How to find the social and networking groups of value to you:  

Step 1.  Where are you located?  US    International
Step 2.  In which HP divisions or business units did you work?
Step 3.  Were you part of an acquisition or spinoff?
Step 4.  Retiree, assistance, history, products, more: other groups

If there isn't a group for your organization or area, we'll help you set one up and publicize it.  Contact the HPAA

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