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Reach HP alumni with a wide range of skills

Consulting, customer support, engineering, environmental, engineering services, facilities, finance, human resources, information technology, legal, manufacturing, marketing, marketing support, operations, quality, public relations, sales, sales operations, training, administration, business planning...

80% of HPAA members are located outside Silicon Valley.

If you are a recruiter, you may apply to post job openings directly to HP alumni via the HPAA Jobs email distribution list.

The Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association is an independent volunteer organization operated by former employees. It is not endorsed or supported by HPI or HPE.

If you are a recruiter who is not an HP alumnus, you may apply to post job openings directly to HP alumni -- simply by sending emails. To apply to post jobs to HPAA members: click here

Once your application has been approved, you may post jobs to our members at no charge. (Any jobs you might have submitted before your application is approved are automatically discarded by the system without being seen by anyone at HPAA.)

If you are an HP alumnus, join the HPAA.

How to post jobs

Recruiters receive individual emails of all items posted to the group by all recruiters.

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Thank you for sharing your jobs with our members.

The HPAA lists are strictly for specific job openings posted by HPAA members and recruiters. Other posts, such as network marketing solicitations, franchise offerings, and general business opportunities are not accepted.

A job post is the responsibility of the author and does not signify an endorsement by the Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association.


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