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How to verify HP, HPI, HPE, or EDS employment; experience Letters. Updated: December 2, 2017

To verifiers: Please provide the employee with a link to this page ( http://www.hpalumni.org/verif ) so that they can initiate the process themselves by following the directions on the public websites of HP Inc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, or other successor company as appropriate. The HP Alumni Association is not operated by any of the Hewlett-Packard successor companies, has no access to employment information, and is not able to forward verification requests.

Employment verification and experience letters

As with 75% of Fortune 500 corporations, for legal and privacy reasons HPI and HPE do not verify current or past employment directly. Instead, they outsource US employment verification to a third-party company, Equifax Work Number -- which you must contact yourself to authorize the release of your personal information to the specific employer, lender, landlord, or social service agency. You also control whether final salary is provided. The database contains payroll information reported by every participating employer as each paycheck was issued over the years. The report does not indicate why you left -- except for "Retired" if the company has classified you as a Retiree.

You set up an account, which requires you to enter your DOB, SSN, etc. -- and answer trivial multiple-choice questions. This account is not related to your ADP payroll account or any other account. 

Your employment history for the same position may be scattered across several different "Employer Codes." (For example, if you joined HP as part of an acquisition or merger, your earlier employment may be listed under the name of the predecessor company. Members have discovered an Employer Code for EDS: 11485.)

- If you left the Hewlett-Packard Company before November 1, 2015 -- or if you left HP Inc. (HPI) on or after November 1, 2015 -- you are a former employee of HP Inc. -- regardless of which part of HP you left.
Go to HPI official US External HR Support page. Outside US, go to HPI official HR Support Country Selector.

- If you left the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) on or after November 1, 2015:
Go to HPE official US External HR Support page  Outside US, go to HPE official HR Support Country Selector.

If you transitioned to DXC or Micro Focus, it is treated as though you left HPE to join another company.

- DXC Technology: HR Support for Employees Who Have Left The Company

- Micro Focus: Micro Focus UK and US Headquarters (scroll down)

Set up a Work Number employee account now -- before an identity thief uses your readily-available birthdate and SSN to do it. Your information is in the database regardless of what you do. An identity thief can gain further information for use impersonating you elsewhere -- for example, to file for a tax refund or to get credit (even HELOCs and mortgages have been reported.)

- You can check the information in the Equifax Work Number database once a year at their Fair Credit Reporting Act page (HPAA member advice on how to interpret the cryptic report: http://www.hpalumni.org/verif-check )

- According to respected independent security reporter Brian Krebs, you can freeze access to your employment file at Equifax Work Number. (This is not related to freezing your credit file at the Equifax credit bureau.) He says "It’s not clear what may be the potential consequences." Since Krebs is a self-employed writer, it is likely that consequences for him are minor compared to those for a person on salary.

Note: In addition to the Employer Code given on the official HPI and HPE pages, former employees should also try the additional Employer Codes listed below.

Before attempting to search by employer name, try the various Employer Codes that fit your employment history.

Here are the HP-related Employer Codes that we have discovered:

- 17701 "HPI"

- 17702 "HPE"

- 11485 "Electronic Data Systems (W-2 service)"
- 11123 "HP Enterprise Services, Inactive Only"
- 19104 DXC code for former HPE employees


Which Company am I a former employee or retiree of? HPI, HPE or? http://www.hpalumni.org/WhichCompany

Unofficial advice from HP Alumni Association members 

Providing your previous employer's address and phone number.
Instead of using an address on a paystub -- which may be for a building that HP or a predecessor company has not occupied for years -- use the appropriate corporate headquarters address and phone.
Companies that outsource employment verification do not provide that information to verifiers by telephone. If a form requires a phone number, use the Corporate phone number given with the Corporate Headquarters address. However, verifiers know that they must use the Equifax "Work Number" service, as described below.
HP or HP Inc, use the HP Inc Corporate Headquarters address and phone number on the HP Inc. website.
If you left HPE on or after November 1, 2015
, use the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Corporate Headquarters address and "general inquiries" number on the HPE website. (Scroll to bottom of page.) 

How much information will HP give a potential employer?

- HP says: "HP standard policy is to provide potential employers with information limited to start date, end date and job title on day of termination. This policy applies equally to employees impacted by workforce reduction."

- HPAA member comments: Final salary will be provided at your option. HP may indicate that you are "Retired" if the company has classified you as a "Retiree."

Why do companies outsource employment verification? For legal reasons, many companies forbid managers from giving references for former employees while the manager is still with the company. Here's a good explanation from the employer's point of view -- from the legal self-help publisher Nolo Press: Giving References for Former Employees  If you ask one of your former managers for a reference while they are still employed by HP, you are asking them to violate company policy.

There are three ways to provide employment history and salary:

1. Earnings Statement or W-2. Make a copy of an appropriate Earnings Statement or W-2 from those in your records. Because a photocopy is easily forged, this may not be acceptable to the potential employer, financial institution, or government agency.  How to obtain your annual W-2 or final Earnings Statement

2. Equifax "Work Number"  service. See instructions at the top of this page.

3. Letter from the company. If your situation requires an official letter from the employer, the official HP instructions provide an email contact for that (see above.)  Members report that HP emails you a pdf file of a letter documenting your dates of employment, last job title, and -- if requested -- salary. For an exempt employee, the HP letter gives an annual salary figure (including any target incentive for a salesperson); for non-exempt it gives the hourly rate. If you worked at a company that HP acquired, be sure to mention the company name in your note to HP.

Related question: How to obtain a copy of your personnel file to assist in developing your résumé: HPI  HPE.

Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org  Do not send employment verification requests to us -- we are not part of HP! 

The Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association is operated by former employees who volunteer their time. Not endorsed or supported by HPI or HPE.

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