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Considering Early Retirement (EER)

Advice and reference info from members of the independent HP Alumni Association.  (Updated Sept 20, 2019.)

Use the HPAA's Career Checkup -- hard-earned advice from members on evaluating your career situation.

Print -- and start using -- the HPAA's ASAP Checklist -- what to do before losing access to the company's internal systems and in the following few weeks.

Read "What I wish I had known before I left" -- comments from members: Wish I Had Known.

Job hunting. Members recommend spending most of your time searching outside the company -- you are a stronger candidate while still employed. Very few members report landing during a "redeployment period." Many report losing critical time and wasting valuable energy on discussions about internal jobs that ended abruptly without explanation. Job Hunting

Links, advice, and reference info from HPAA members about job searching and career issues.

"Job Searching for the Mature Worker" -- HPAA video with pragmatic, actionable advice. (Not the usual motivational fluff.)

Comments and info passed to operations@hpalumni.org will be kept in confidence.

Comments from alumni who have left:

- "Learn new technologies and remember HP as kind of like college -- it was fun while it lasted."

- "Making less but I now get to spend more of my time doing the part of the work that I love."

- "I wish I had recognized much earlier the futility of my job and what it was doing to me. On the way home after an exhausting day, I bought groceries. I realized that the guy bagging groceries at the store had done more for civilization that day than I had."

- "Found out I was grossly underpaid."

- "Having HP on my résumé helps to open doors with other firms."

- "Now I work for a 200-employee company and can get decisions made same-day."

- "In retrospect being WFR'd was a blessing. It forced me to get out, rethink who I am and what is important. I certainly would not have started my own business without the shove."

- "I wish I would have known that I had greater skills at adapting to my life after HP, resilience in dealing with the transition, and competencies that were valued by others."

- You may find "the companionship you thought you'd miss, the dreams you thought you'd dropped, and the enthusiasm you thought you left back in your youth."

HP Inc

"HP Inc. to cut as much as 16% of workforce amid reorganization... ...will cut 7,000 to 9,000 positions through firings and voluntary early retirement."  "...the company said it would make changes to its printing unit to focus on providing more services. HP will raise prices for printers that can be used with non-HP ink cartridges, so that the hardware is more profitable. Currently, printers are sold cheaply and the unit’s operating profit margin is padded by the ink supplies."  San Jose Mercury 10/4/19

Announced a very complex partnership with Xerox: CRN 6/4/19   Press Release

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