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If you don't have a LinkedIn account - set one up for career and networking (Recommended)

If you already have a LinkedIn account, please go here for member advice on how to get the most from LinkedIn.

If you are in the workforce -- even if not currently looking -- you need to be on LinkedIn. It is the master directory of everyone in the high-tech industry.  (If retired, LinkedIn helps you reconnect with people you have lost touch with over the years.) 

LinkedIn works in three ways:

- Recruiters and hiring managers who are looking for your skills and experience will find you if you have a well-thought-out LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn's search demo for recruiters.

- LinkedIn suggests "People you may know" -- based on where and when you worked and your connections in common. The suggestions are uncanny -- and actually fun. LinkedIn helps you reconnect with people you used to work with.

- Use LinkedIn's search feature to reconnect with people who know you and your work -- or to

Join LinkedIn and the HPAA's LinkedIn group:

- Setting up a free account is easy -- and requires only name and email address to get started. Just keep skipping the steps pushing you to provide more information -- you can finish your profile later. To create a new account, start at the LinkedIn homepage.

- You can have multiple email addresses on your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn sends job leads, requests to connect, and some Group emails to your primary address. For most people, the primary address should be a personal email address. This maintains continuity through changes in employment, provides privacy, and avoids important emails being inadvertently discarded by an employer's firewall. In addition to your current work address, you can include former personal and work addresses on your account as secondary addresses -- so that LinkedIn members who know you by another address will be able to connect with you.

- Do not ever give LinkedIn access to your email address book. If you do, LinkedIn will send multiple request-to-connect emails under your name to every person and company you have ever corresponded with -- dog-sitter, city streetlight repair, etc. On the "Get started by adding your email address" screen, click the small "Skip this step" link in the lower right corner -- instead of the big "Continue" button in the center.

- As with any online service, do not use a password on LinkedIn that you use for any other service.

Join the HPAA's LinkedIn group. Reconnect with people who know you and your work -- even if you aren't currently looking. Moderated. HPAA membership not required. Our volunteers cannot add you to the HPAA groups on LinkedIn you have to join through the LinkedIn system.

- "HP Connections." If you are a current or former employee of HP, HPInc, HPE, an HP acquisition or spinoff. Reconnect. Career issues. Post job openings. 81,000 members. Join HP Connections

- If ex-EDS, join "EDS Alumni." Benefits, finance, and career issues specifically related to service with Electronic Data Systems Corp. 45,000 members. Join EDS Alumni

LinkedIn is very powerful -- but works differently than you might think.  LinkedIn Tips and Traps

See our directory of 190 informal HP-related social and professional groups worldwide: local groups, business units and divisions, HP predecessors and spinoffs, and special interests.

What happens next?  Allow a few days for our volunteers to approve your requests. Then you will be able to find and reconnect with your former co-workers.

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