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Alight Retiree Health Solutions online comparison example 

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You can explore most -- but not all -- of your options without creating an AlightRHS Retiree account yet (or without disturbing your current AlightRHS Retiree account settings.)


- AlightRHS does not offer all Medicare plans potentially available in your area. All plans are listed on the official Medicare site:
Advantage Plans:   https://www.medicare.gov/plan-compare/  
Medigap and Drug Plans: https://www.medicare.gov/medigap-supplemental-insurance-plans/

Prominent examples of plans that were not on the Alight website for 2022:

  - AARP/UHC. Not all AARP Medicare plans are on the list of plans available from insurance sales agencies such as AlightRHS -- you have to explicitly ask the advisor for the AARP/UHC plans. (Our AlightRHS contact indicated that this is "UHC AARP's marketing requirement.") Check the AARP/UHC website to see what is available in your local area: https://www.aarpmedicareplans.com To buy a Medicare Supplement plan, you need to join the AARP -- well worth the $16 per year for the publications and other benefits. Alight will ask you for your member number, which needs to be current. You do not need to be an AARP member to buy an AARP Advantage or Drug plan.

  - Kaiser. Kaiser individual Medicare HMO plans are generally not on the list of plans available from insurance sales agencies -- including AlightRHS.

  - Regence. For 2022, AlightRHS offered the popular Regence plans in ID -- unclear if available from AlightRHS in OR, UT, or WA.

1. Go to the Alight Retiree Health Solutions (AlightRHS) public website

Or you can go to Alight Retiree Health Solutions' HP or HPE website and create an account. (This is a different account from your Benefits Center account.)

https://retiree.alight.com/hp -- AlightRHS website for HP (and HPE folks on the Pre-2003 program.)

https://retiree.alight.com/hewlettpackardenterprise -- AlightRHS website for HPE. 

2. Turn off "Birdie" -- the automated guide -- by clicking the "X" to the right of the black area.

Create account and enter medications

3. Enter your ZIP code and click the red "Find a Medicare Plan" button

4. Click "No Thanks, I Can Browse On My Own" below the red "Help Me Find a Plan" button.

5. Select coverage starting date, enter date of birth, click the red "View Plans" button.

Go to the type of plan you are researching -- Advantage, Supplemental, or Prescription.

Check the "Compare" box for each plan of interest.

Click the "Compare plans now" button at the bottom.

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