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Stock issues by company:

Agilent (A)

Autonomy (AUTNF)

Compaq (CPQ)




Hewlett-Packard Company,

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Keysight (KEYS)

Micro Focus (MFGP)

Perspecta (PRSP)

Tandem (TDM)

Other Predecessor Companies

Details on Spinoffs:

Perspecta Spinoff

Micro Focus Spinoff

Micro Focus Details

Stock recovery steps:

Stock Menu

1. Stock Issues

2a. Spinoff Shares & Cash

2b. Stock Decoder Table

  - Agilent, Keysight Spinoffs

  - MFGP Settlement

3. Where is my stock?

  - Records

  - Certificates

  - Options

4. Lost Stock and Dividends

5. Admin and Broker Issues

  - Fidelity

  - Morgan Stanley

  - Merrill Lynch

  - Schwab

  - TDAmeritrade

  - Vanguard Brokerage

6. Cost Basis

  a. Pre2001 Directions

  b. Pre2001 Example

  c. Excel Tips

7. Tax Return

Reference information:

Official Investor FAQs Current
transfer agent, state to check
for lost stock and dividends.

Stock Price Histories

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