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If you are not a current HP Alumni Association member -- or are not sure -- please apply to join. (If you are not sure whether you were a member in the past, it is easiest  for our volunteer team to simply add you as a new member.)

For our discussion forums and email lists, we currently use the Google Groups system, which works with any email address. 

Each group has a separate email subscription list, which is indicated in the email subject lines in square brackets -- i.e. [HPAA Benefits].

We have groups for News, Benefits, Finance, Jobs, TechTalk, and Memorials.

All content is moderated by HPAA volunteers.  

You will be able to join our Google groups with any email address -- regardless of the email address you used for our previous Yahoo groups.

Due to variations in how your email may have been set up, be sure to note the instructions highlighted in green. 

For example, members are finding that the process to join does not work well from a phone -- you need the screen size of a computer or tablet to join.

Depending on the email address you use, Google Groups has different features:

- With any email account, you are able to read, reply, and start new discussions in a Google Group by sending email messages.

- With a Gmail account, you are also able to log into a group with your browser to directly read, reply, start new threads (and search posts made since Dec 15, 2020.)

Depending on the email address you wish to use for HPAA, click a link below:



If you want your HPAA emails to come to a Gmail address.



If you want your HPAA emails to come to an address other than Gmail.



Change to a single daily email, change address, or unsubscribe.

If difficulties, please send an email to info@hpalumni.org

(Updated Apr 27, 2021.)

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