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Join the HPAlumni Google Groups -- with any email account. 

If you are not a current HP Alumni Association member -- or are not sure -- please apply to join. (If you are not sure whether you were a member in the past, it is easiest  for our volunteer team to simply add you as a new member.)

You will be able to read, reply, and create posts by sending messages from any email account. 

You will not be able to log in to Google Groups to read and post directly -- or to search posts. (When we used Yahoo Groups, you were able to log in to the HPAA groups with a Yahoo account.)

(If you want your HPAA emails to come to a Gmail address -- and want to be able to log in to Google Groups to post directly or read previous posts -- go here: https://www.hpalumni.org/groups-gmail )

Due to variations in how your email may have been set up, be sure to note the instructions highlighted in green. 

Step 1. Ask to join a group.

Create a new email message.

Copy the Google system email address for one group (highlighted in yellow below on this page) into the "To" field. Include a couple of words in the body of the email. Any subject and wording in the email will work -- no one sees the email. 

Be sure to use the complete email address -- with everything before the "+subscribe@googlegroups.com" included.

(Depending on how your system is set up, clicking on one of the yellow email addresses may launch your email program. Otherwise, just copy-and-paste.)

Send your request to join that group to Google's automated system.

Complete both Step 1 and Step 2 for each group before applying to another group. (To prevent abuse of their system by spammers, Google Groups blocks additional requests if they are sent quickly without replying to intervening confirmation emails.)

Step 2. Verify your email address for that group.

Within several minutes, Google will send an email with the subject line: "Join request..." -- giving the specific group name plus a unique code.
Example: "Join request for HPAlumni-News [{EI6i1P4FLqDoNrK3b_40}]"

If you don't see a "Join request" email, it may be in your spam folder. (If Outlook or Hotmail, look in the "Junk Email" folder. If Gmail, look in the "Updates" tab.)

Due to a bug in Google Groups, do not click the "Join" button -- or any other link -- in the "Join request" email. (Clicking a link results in an error screen -- "You don't have permission to access this content" -- or causes Google to sign you up with your Gmail address instead of the desired address.)

Simply reply to the email, as suggested in the text of the email. (No one sees the content of your reply.)

If you happen to reply more than once for the same group, you may get an email rejection notice, which indicates that the first reply worked.

Within several minutes, Google will send an email with the subject line: "You have joined the group..." -- giving the specific group name. (Your email may put that email where you found the "Join request" email.)
Example: "You have joined the group hpalumni-news@googlegroups.com"

Due to a bug in Google Groups, do not click the "Visit This Group" button -- or any other link -- in Google's email. (That button only works if you are using Gmail.)

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for each group you wish to join.

Be patient. The "Join request" and "You have joined" emails from Google look like possible spam to internet "backbone" carriers and your email provider. Members report delays of up to 15 minutes.

Wait until you have received the "You have joined the group..." email before applying to another group.

You can now read, reply, and create posts by sending emails.

If this procedure doesn't work for you, please try again -- especially watching for the instructions highlighted in green. 

If you do not succeed the second time, send us an email. Please include the text from any error message or rejection email. info@hpalumni.org

Menu of HPAA online groups. (All groups are moderated.)

HP Alumni News. [HPAlumniNews]
Once-a-month emails with links to information for U.S. HP and HPE alumni on topics such as HP-related stock, professional networking, discounts, and local events. (No company news.)

Benefits Group. [HPAA Benefits]
Q-and-A forum on U.S. HP and HPE COBRA and retiree health benefits, including Annual Enrollment and transition to Medicare.

Finance Group. [HPAA Finance]
Q-and-A forum on U.S. pension, employee stock, Social Security, and other personal finance issues from an ex-HP/HPE perspective.

Job-Post Group. [HPAA Jobs]
U.S. openings posted by fellow members.

TechTalk Group. [HPAA TechTalk]
Q-and-A forum on personal technology issues from an ex-HP/HPE perspective.

Memorials Group. [HPAA Memorials]
Obituary and memorial service announcements for current and former U.S. HP and HPE employees.

Step 3. You may need to adjust your email settings or add us to your safelist.

Each email provider defends against suspicious emails. For example, identical emails sent to many addresses from one source -- such as a groups site -- may be treated as suspicious.

In addition, some email providers attempt to use artificial intelligence to sort your incoming emails for you.

Here's how the HPAA Google Groups emails are handled by various email services.

- Gmail. You may have an "Updates" tab. The Gmail spam folder is hidden from view by default. To make it visible, click the gear icon in top-right > click "See all settings" > under "Labels" click "Show" for "Spam" folder. Perhaps hide some of the Categories. You can use labels or filters to deal with every email with "HPAA" in the subject line.

- Outlook and Hotmail.  All Google Groups emails -- regardless of content -- are viewed as suspicious and moved to the "Junk Email" folder, which is readily visible. Clicking "Not Junk" only moves the specific messages; does not affect handling of future messages. How to use the "Safe mailing list" or "Rule" features of Outlook and Hotmail: https://hpalumni.org/email-outlook

- Yahoo Mail. No problems reported with our Google groups. You can use filters to move every email with "HPAA" in the subject line to a dedicated folder. Click the gear icon in top-right > click "More Settings" in gray at bottom-right > "Filters" on left.

Questions and comments appreciated: info@hpalumni.org  (Updated Apr 27, 2021.)


If you later want to change to Gmail, rejoin from Gmail at https://www.hpalumni.org/groups-gmail -- then ask us to delete your previous address from Google Groups at https://www.hpalumni.org/subs

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