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1. Medicare Decoder    2. Basics    3. Advantage vs. Original    4. Compare Plans    5. Via HP or HPE    6. Trouble; Contacts

2c. How to explore many of your AlightRHS alternatives - online before you call.

If receiving benefits from or subsidized by HP (now legally named HP Inc.) or from HPE.

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Previous page: Member tips on working with Alight Retiree Health Solutions https://www.hpalumni.org/medicare-ARHS-tips

Overview of the AlightRHS alternative. https://www.hpalumni.org/medicare-open-market

The amount of the subsidy you would receive if you choose to buy through Alight Retiree Health Solutions is shown in the body of the personalized Enrollment cover letter under the heading "HP premium reimbursements for Alight Retiree Health Solutions Retiree Health Exchange coverage." [See yellow highlights in our sample personalized cover letter: hpalumni.org/2021HPIncSampleStatement-Aon.pdf ]

Examine the AlightRHS choices for your area -- with list prices that you pay directly to AlightRHS -- without making any commitment. (You receive the RRA subsidy directly from HP.)

You can explore your options without talking to AlightRHS or creating an account (or without disturbing your current account settings.) Member advice: hpalumni.org/Medicare-AlightRHSComparisonExample

AlightRHS for HP https://retiree.alight.com/hp
1-800-975-0355 -- 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday 

AlightRHS for HPE -- Hewlett Packard Enterprise https://retiree.alight.com/hewlettpackardenterprise
1-844-537-5303 -- 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday

Medicare AlightRHS Example

Heads up!  AlightRHS does not offer all Medicare plans potentially available in your area.

Some plans are only available directly from the insurance company or HMO -- or only through other insurance agencies. Some are only available through AlightRHS by special request.

The HP Enrollment Guide says: "...offers a broader selection of premium costs, benefit designs, and top carriers... ...some of the same medical carriers as HP... with very similar coverage and access to many of the same doctors and hospitals. ...none of these plans cover the exact services or provide the exact benefits as the HP options."

The HPE Enrollment Guide is less explicit: "...access to a range of medical plans offered through the individual insurance market... More than 100 insurance companies participate..."

Prepare for your call by using the AlightRHS site:

- Register and confirm your enrollment appointment

- Enter your prescriptions -- which has a huge effect on which plans work best for you.

- Compare plans and put the best alternatives in the shopping cart

Member tip: After the first year with AlightRHS, "Don't bother with an Advisor, who is unlikely to know anything that you haven't already researched. They also take up a lot of your time. And from reports on this forum, they sometimes stand you up. Now that we are allowed to do our own enrollment on their web site, do that. It worked for me."

Work with both AlightRHS and the Benefits Center to determine the best plan for your specific situation offered via each. Then you make the final choice.

You can change back to an HP/HPE group plan from AlightRHS individual coverage, as indicated in your Annual Enrollment Guide.

If you have a problem, contact the insurance agency you purchased from. In the case of AlightRHS, contact your Advisor. If the Advisor can't resolve your problem, they escalate it to AlightRHS' special group of Advocates. (Because your are buying an open-market policy via the agency , the company -- HP or HPE -- is out of the picture -- except for providing  the subsidy.) Contact the Benefits Center if there are problems with the subsidy payments. Troubleshooting and contacts

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