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Apply to post U.S. jobs to HPAA members

The HP Alumni Association's job-post group carries U.S. openings posted by recruiters, employers, and fellow members who are looking for people with HP/HPInc/HPE experience and expertise. (The HPAA is an independent volunteer group. Not officially endorsed or supported by any company.)

If you are a recruiter, please apply to post jobs following the steps below. There is no charge. Once you have been approved, you can post by simply sending an email. 

Step 1 – Send the HPAA an email.

If you are a recruiter or employer looking for people with HP/HPInc/HPE experience and expertise, please apply to post jobs to our members.

Upon approval of your application, you will be able to post job openings directly to HP alumni – at no charge – via the HPAA's Jobs email distribution group.

To apply, please send us an email with a few details about your recruiting activity.

First, highlight the questions below. Then right-click "Copy" and paste the questionnaire into the body of a new message. Then fill in your answers.

   1.  Business email address that you will send the job postings from (can be different from your own email) __  
   2.  Your name: __
   3.  Role: Recruiting firm, internal recruiter, employer, or... __
   4.  Title: __
   5.  Company name: __
   6.  Postal address: __
   7.  Phone number: __
   8.  Website URL: __
   9.  URL that displays your open jobs, if applicable: __  
   10. Your LinkedIn Profile URL: __  
   11. How you heard about the HPAA: __

The address you provide in Question 1 must be a business email address. Due to concerns about "résumé collecting" and identity theft, our members are very reluctant to respond to job openings posted by recruiters who do not appear to be a business.

When you submit a job, you must send from the email address you specified in Question 1.  (Jobs submitted from a different email address are automatically returned by the Google Groups system. We won't see them.)

Please send your application to this address:  jobposts@hpalumni.org

If you have questions, please contact: HPAA Jobs Director 

Step 2Approval.

It may take a couple of days for our volunteer team to process your application.

Until your membership is approved, any jobs you might submit will be rejected by the Google Groups system. We won't see them.

You will not receive emails of your posts. If you wish, we can change your Jobs membership to receive a daily digest of all job posts -- please email jobposts@hpalumni.org.

How to turn off Jobs emails, change HPAA email address, change to one daily email, or unsubscribe: Subscription Changes

Thank you for sharing your job opportunities with our members!

(Updated Mar 17, 2021.)

The HPAA Posting Policy and User Agreement applies to posts on all HPAA groups.

A job post is the responsibility of the author and does not signify an endorsement by the Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association.

For more mutual help on this topic and many others, join the independent HP Alumni Association. If you were formerly a regular, direct employee of HP, HPInc, or HPE -- or are in the process of leaving -- join the HP Alumni Association. No charge, thanks to HPAA members.

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