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US - in transition out of HP or HPE (From WFR notification or your decision to leave or retire through three months after your last day.)

For non-US, please go here

We use the Yahoo Groups system, which has very good privacy. Yahoo doesn't let us just add you to our online forums. You send a note from your personal email account. Yahoo replies with confirmation emails, which you open and act on.

If you are on your or email account, forward a link to this page to your personal email account and apply from there.

Please send an email -- as described below -- from the personal email account that you will use for your membership.  We do not accept applications from an HP-related company email address -- i.e.,,,, etc. This avoids HPAA emails being inadvertently discarded by a company firewall -- and you will lose that address when you leave the company. (If you don't already have a personal email account, you can get a free Internet email account in a few minutes. How to set up a professional email account.)

Please select a single email address to use for all dealings with HPAA. We use your email address, not your name, to identify you for the various HPAA services. (With 28,000 members, we have many duplicate names.)  An email account that sends challenge replies to incoming emails does not work for HPAA.

We've found that company, professional association, and university alumni email addresses do not work well for HPAA. All of our emails are moderated by the HPAA team. However, the topics we discuss can look suspicious to anti-spam systems and firewalls -- and therefore be automatically discarded before reaching your email account. 

You need to send your request from the email account that you wish to use for your membership. (If changing your address, be sure to send the email from your new account.)

Do not send as an attachment. Your application will not reach us.

1.  To:      Copy-and-paste all five of the addresses in yellow into the "TO" field of a new email message.;   ;;;;       


Be sure to include all five email addresses in the "TO" field of your message. 

If your email program won't accept the list of addresses, try using commas instead of semicolons. 

2.  Subject:   

Please tell our volunteers what you are requesting:

  • If you are applying to join, please put "apply" then your name in the subject line of your message, or

  • If you are requesting a change of address, please put "change" then your name in the subject line of your message

Please use the form of your name that you would use on a name badge i.e. "Bill Hewlett" rather than "William R. Hewlett" and use upper and lower case.

Subject:   apply John Example

          or  change John Example

3.  Message    Copy-and-paste the questionnaire in yellow into the body of a new email message. Fill in the answers and send:

 T1. Name: __
2. Date you started at HP or HPE: __

3. Date you left HP or HPE, date you were accepted for EER, or defined future termination date: __

4. If you joined HP or HPE via merger, acquisition, or outsourcing,

enter name of acquired company: __

and date you started there: __
Please double-check the years on the previous questions.
5. Last job title: __

6. Last site/office and the country: __

7. Last company -- and division or business unit: __

8. If changing address on existing HPAA membership, previous email address you used for HPAA: __

9. If new HPAA membership application, please tell us how you heard about the HPAA: __




Before sending the email, please verify that you are sending to all five of the email addresses given in yellow:

What happens next?

You will be sent four automatic confirmation messages from Yahoo with the subject lines:

"Please confirm your request to join hp_alumni_association

"Please confirm your request to join hp_alumni_transition

"Please confirm your request to join hp_alumni_finance

"Please confirm your request to join hp_alumni_benefits"

If you don't see the confirmation emails within an hour, check your Spam, Junk, or Updates folder or tab. (In Gmail, click "More" in the left-hand menu to find the hidden Spam folder.)

In turn, open each of the four "Please confirm your request" emails and click on the unique link. To help us find your request, please enter your name in the "Comment to Owner" box and click the "Send Request" button.

Do this for each of the four "Please confirm your request" emails.

If you are in the process of leaving or being laid off, use the ASAP Checklist right now! The checklist has advice and mutual help developed by HPAA members on the many things you have to do before you lose access to HP or HPE internal systems and in the following few weeks. You don't have to wait for membership approval to use it.  ASAP Checklist



Our volunteer team will process your request typically within 48 hours. If there is a problem, you will get an email.

By joining, you agree to accept the terms of the HPAA Membership and Posting Agreement.

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