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Mabel Esteves Memorial Award  

Mabel Esteves (1950-2008)

Mabel's 22 years in HP Quality Engineering – starting in Puerto Rico and later in Roseville – included work in materials, reliability, product regulations, and ISO 9000 program management. She worked with the Society of Women Engineers at local, regional, and national levels – founding three chapters and serving as National Vice President.

As the Alumni Association's Finance and Membership Director, Mabel personally qualified and processed more than 9,000 membership applications. Through her articles and emails, she helped thousands of HP alumni with the complex and emotional process of leaving the company.

"No one had a warmer welcoming smile or a more gracious manner than Mabel, and her commitment to her profession and to her friends and family was absolute."
–Harry Heflin

In honor of the outstanding service and support that Mabel provided to HP alumni and the Association, the HPAA Board of Directors has created the Mabel Esteves Memorial Award – presented to a member who has exemplified Mabel's hard work, determination, and positive attitude in support of the alumni.  


Alan Silverstein

The HPAA is pleased to present the first Mabel Esteves Memorial Award to Alan Silverstein.

Alan developed the original "ASAP Checklist" of urgent things to do when leaving HP. He posted it on his personal website – along with a host of other information very useful to people leaving HP.

This formed the core of the HPAA's reference material. The current version of the Checklist has been accessed more than 30,000 times. Since then, Alan has participated actively in the HPAA's online discussion forums – continuing to help alumni with many difficult issues.

Alan's contributions are a fine example of the HP Way in action.   


The HP Way lives on in us

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