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Helping each other with life after HP and HPE.  (Site last updated May 18, 2024)

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Summary re sale of Micro Focus to OpenText: If you acquired MFGP through the HPE spinoff, and accounted for it as HPE's outside tax counsel recommended in 2017-- therefore paying tax on a theoretical 2017 capital gain -- your net loss is $28.94 per "B" share. (However, for three employee purchase quarters in 2000 and eight quarters between 2007 and 2010, the net loss after the OpenText sale for those lots is somewhat higher -- ranging from $29.65 to $34.82 per "B" share.) Details: https://www.hpalumni.org/StockMicroFocus 

Stock. You may now have stock in HP, HPE, Agilent, Keysight, or DXC in various accounts -- and may not have received cash payouts for Micro Focus or Perspecta.

Your accounts may be at employee stock purchase or option/incentive plan administrators, at transfer agents for spun-off companies, or at your brokerage. Perhaps old paper certificates. Perhaps turned over to a state as unclaimed property.

Your current cost basis depends on when you acquired stock as companies were merged or spun out. Members have found that plan administrators, transfer agents, and brokerages vary significantly in how (or if) they track gain/loss and cost basis for the many complex HP-related stock events -- and what (if anything) they report to the IRS.

HPAA members have developed data and advice on HP/HPE-related stock -- including spreadsheets to verify your records or estimate cost basis for employee stock purchases. Start here: Stock Recovery and Cost Basis

We also have stock info for Agilent  Autonomy  Compaq  DEC  DXC  EDS  Keysight  Micro Focus  Perspecta  Poly and Tandem

W-2s: Employers are required to either post W-2's online or put them in the mail by Jan 31. Member advice: Payroll and W-2

If dealing with possible layoff or considering retirement: Practical advice from HP/HPE alumni who have gone through past cycles including action to quietly take now even if not expecting to leave. Leaving HP or HPE

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Benefits enrollment: Health coverage -- from company or otherwise   Medicare for HP/HPE alumni

Received a "Potential Private Retirement Benefit" letter from Social Security? How to decode the letter and who to contact, if necessary: Potential Benefit letter

Check your LinkedIn profile. Even if not currently looking for a job, you need a strong, credible LinkedIn profile. Reconnect with people who know you and your work. Be found by hiring managers, recruiters, and recruiting bots. You can promote your specialized expertise. Your profile may have been automatically changed. Member advice: hpalumni.org/LinkedIn

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