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HP History: 6. Specific product lines.

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200A Audio Oscillator

The first HP product, Bill Hewlett's oscillator -- from HP's "virtual museum"  Bill's patent

Barney Oliver Oral history by Barney Oliver, founder of HP Labs -- Charles Babbage Institute
HP Early Years Rough draft and source materials -- private site of Ed Sharpe
HP Computer History "HP: The Accidentally On-Purpose Computer Company" -- Steve Leibson
HP Computer History "HP and Compaq: A Trip Down Memory Lane" -- Loyd Case
HP Test Equipment Online museum and technical history of HP instruments -- Ken Kuhn
Museum of HP Calculators Displays and describes HP calculators introduced from 1968 to 1986 -- private site of David Hicks
HP-01 Wrist Instrument Opens New Dimension in Personal Information -- HP Journal
HP-35 A personal history of the breakthrough handheld device -- John Minck (pages 71-75)
HP 80 Series Documentation and software for HP-85 family of BASIC microcomputers -- Vassilis Prevelakis
HP 9100 How the Model 9100A Was Developed -- Barney Oliver
HP 9825 The HP 9825 desktop computer was way before its time -- Steve Leibson
HP 9845 The HP 9845 Preservation Project
HP Computer Manuals Service manuals and other documentation for many HP computers -- Al Kossow
HP's Early Computers Interview with Barney Oliver -- Kip Crosby
HP's Early Computers Interview with Joe Schoendorf -- Kip Crosby
HP 1000 "25 Years of Real-Time Computing -- the HP 1000" -- Todd Poynor, updated by Don Pottenger
HP 3000 The History of the HP 3000 -- Bob Green
HP 3000 humor "Lunch, the HP Way" -- parody by Stephen Harrison and Noel Magee
HP 3000 "The Rise, Fall and Rise of the 3000" -- Christopher Edler
HP 9000 "The HP 9000 Computer" -- Frank McConnell
HP 9000 HP 9000 model history in the Wikipedia*
PA-RISC PA-RISC model history in the Wikipedia*
HP-UX HP-UX release history in the Wikipedia*
HP 250/260 HP 250/260 Preservation Project
HP 300 HP 300 (Amigo) note in the Wikipedia*
Plotters and Recorders San Diego Division and F. L. Moseley Co. (Select "Photos" from menu.)
The Jet Set Turns 20 HP: History of the ThinkJet, LaserJet, and DeskJet product lines
Inkjet Printers "Printing Enters the Jet Age" -- from American Heritage Invention & Technology
Inkjet Printers "Close-up on color printing" -- from HP Labs
Inkjet Printers "Hewlett-Packard revolutionized printing" -- Albany Democrat Herald
LaserJet HP LaserJet -- The Early History. By Jim Hall
Semiconductors at HP History of HP's semiconductor business -- from Avago Technologies 

* Note: Wikipedia is very useful. However, the articles can be written, rewritten, or edited by anyone -- and therefore may not be accurate or current, often change dramatically over time, may not cover all aspects of the topic consistently, and may not be written from a neutral point of view.


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