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Why we moderate the forum posts

All HPAA Google Groups and LinkedIn Groups are moderated by HPAA volunteers.

- Moderation helps keep discussions on point and in the right group.

- A moderator may send a private note asking questions to clarify the issue such that forum members can better help -- then post themselves instead. Or immediately post additional information and clarifications.

- Moderators can reduce the number of emails on well-worn topics that have been covered many times -- either by sending the submitter a private note referring them to the appropriate page on the hpalumni.org website or by summarizing and combining multiple posts on the same topic.

- Sometimes posts are submitted in error. People think they are sending a personal reply instead of broadcasting, or include confidential information, or post while indisposed.

- If the submitted post is a very unique case for that one person, a moderator can help the member escalate their issue to the appropriate company. (Advice on escalation to HPInc Corporate, HPE Corporate, and Alight Medicare. https://www.hpalumni.org/escalate )

- To see job openings shared by other HP alumni -- and post opportunities at your current employer: Join the "HP Connections" group on LinkedIn (Operated by HPAA, but HPAA membership not required.)

- Some topics work best on Facebook... Facebook groups: Reconnect, celebrate the good times, and appreciate those who have passed. There are social groups on Facebook for HP, Boise, Colorado, Corvallis, Cupertino, Medical Group, Response Center, Roseville, Santa Rosa, Southern California, UK, EDS, DEC, Tandem, Compaq, and HP technology. Private, independent online forums operated and moderated by people from each community. Directory of leading HP-related Facebook groups: https://www.hpalumni.org/facebook

- Based on strong member feedback, the HPAA forums do not carry advertising, self-promotional posts, or company news -- or get into general topics, such as healthcare policy -- that are well-covered in the media.

- We do not carry requests for job leads, book or course announcements, charitable appeals, or items for sale. Back when the HPAA was much smaller, we did carry those items -- but they did not get results. For those topics, it works best to use your personal email network, personal LinkedIn connections, and Facebook groups. In those venues, people personally know each other and pass things on.

- We need to help each other move forward with life after HP -- therefore, we don't carry discussions of current and former management.

Note that the companies do not see the posts. The HPAA groups are not an effective way to influence company practices and policies. Use our list of official contact points.

(Updated Jan 31, 2023.)  Question or comment? Email: info@hpalumni.org

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