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Forum Moderation

All HPAA Google Groups and LinkedIn Groups are moderated by HPAA volunteers.

- Moderation helps keep discussions on point and in the right group.

- A moderator may send a private note asking questions to clarify the issue such that forum members can better help -- then post themselves instead. Or immediately post additional information and clarifications.

- Moderators can reduce the number of emails on well-worn topics that have been covered many times -- either by sending the submitter a private note referring them to the appropriate page on the hpalumni.org website or by summarizing and combining multiple posts on the same topic.

- Sometimes posts are submitted in error. People think they are sending a personal reply instead of broadcasting, or include confidential information, or post while indisposed.

- If the submitted post is a very unique case for that one person, a moderator can help the member escalate their issue to the appropriate company. (The HPAA has informal escalation paths into HPInc Corporate, HPE Corporate, and Alight Medicare. https://www.hpalumni.org/escalate )

- The company does not see the posts. The HPAA groups are not an effective way to influence company practices and policies.

(Updated Jun 3, 2021.)

If formerly a regular, direct U.S. employee of HP or HPE -- or are in the process of leaving -- join the HP Alumni Association. No charge, thanks to HPAA's Supporting Members.

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