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2a. Obtaining Stock Records 

This is additional information for Step 2 of our Stock Recovery process. If you haven't gone through the previous steps, start here: Employee Stock

(Updated Apr 29, 2018.)  Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org 

Employers do not keep track of your stock and options -- they pay administrators, brokers, and transfer agents, which change from time to time. (HP-related companies have used at least 13 U.S. stock administrators.)  Investopedia explanation of the different types of agents, administrators, and brokers.

You can download the 1099-B information from your broker's website. (See TurboTax Import Partner list.)

Lost stock: How to check state unclaimed property sites for lost shares, uncashed dividend checks, and other stray money. This is surprisingly common, even for people who haven't changed their address in decades. For example, one member found an HP-related check that had been mailed to a misspelled street address with an incorrect zip code. There is no need to pay anyone. How to check for lost stock, dividends, and other unclaimed property

Obtaining stock records from a broker or administrator

If you do not have employee purchase records -- or did not input your lot-and-cost information into your broker's system -- for a particular time period before 3/1/2002, you can use the current version of the HPAA spreadsheet to help estimate the average cost basis for the various spinoff shares over that period. (Note that current spreadsheet is dated April 7 -- version 14 since 2004.) Step-by-step process to find and protect your stock. Start the process at Employee Stock


If your ESPP shares (from 2000 onward) are still at Fidelity, there's a good chance that your lot purchase history is available. Try this:
- Log into Fidelity https://www.fidelity.com
- Click on your "Individual" account.
- Click on the "Positions" tab.
- Click on the security of interest, for example "HPE".
- Slightly down on the page, click "Purchase History/Lots"
- Click on "View lots for this position."

You will see a table listing what Fidelity views as the current basis values, the purchase dates, and quantity for each lot.

- John Schmidt

Computershare (Formerly Harris Bank, formerly Mellon.)

Having moved stock administration from Computershare to other firms, none of the HP-related companies are currently paying Computershare.

Members report that paying Computershare to research your old records doesn't work. They have acquired various other companies and changed hands a couple of times. (Extreme example: One member was charged $40 for a single number that wasn't the number they needed.)

"For information on historical transactions prior to April 2015 contact Computershare
Online at http://cpushareownerservices.com  or  http://www.computershare.com/hp-espp
U.S. & Canada: 1-888-892-4853
Outside the U.S. 1-201-296-4789; 1-201-680-6941 "
--from HPInc's Global Total Rewards page

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Additional information

See also our main page on general stock issues: https://www.hpalumni.org/stock

The cost basis spreadsheets are based on HP records provided by HPInc Global Equity Administration.

- 2000 through 2010: "SOP Historical FMVs & Purchase Prices."

- 2011: Announcement of new ESPP

- 2011 through 10/31/17: "ESPP Historical FMVs & Purchase Prices."

HP's list of stock splits 

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