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Details on 2016 U.S. EDS Pension Lump Sum Payout Offer   Comments: info@hpalumni.org

U.S. EDS alumni should call Fidelity to:
1. Check for a stray EDS pension account... and
2. See if there is an open lump-sum payout offer on that account -- which you may want to take.

Many report that they received a flyer in the mail. However, Fidelity's old EDS records may not have your current postal address -- and members report that the flyer looks like junk mail and is easily discarded.

The offer applies if the "lump-sum present value of your accrued benefit as of Aug 1, 2016" is between $5K to $100K. Full details on who qualifies

Deadline is July 22, 2016 -- but there is paperwork and possible notarization required.

When this issue came up last year, several folks found forgotten EDS pension accounts.

This is being discussed on the EDS Alumni LinkedIn group.

The key document for a US employee retirement or health plan is the legal Summary Plan Description (SPD). The current SPD takes precedence over any other written, online, or verbal information you may have been given -- but is still subject to change. The employer's plan administrator is required by law to provide the SPD upon request. Log into the plan administrator's website or call.  How to decode an SPD

HP documents:

- Front side of mailer (1MB jpeg image)

- Rear side of mailer (1MB jpeg image)

- HP provided the HPAA with details on who qualifies for the lump-sum payout offer. (0.1MB pdf file) 
[Per our HP contact, the "umbrella provision" applies to retirees who worked in multiple countries for EDS. A member of the "EDS Alumni" LinkedIn group said: "The umbrella provision guarantees those employees that their pension benefit will not be less than if they had been employed in the U.S. only."]

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