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Excel tips  (Updated April 12, 2018.)  Questions or comments to: info@hpalumni.org

Tips for using the complex spreadsheets, such as the HPAA Stock Spreadsheets

To see how a formula works. How to graphically display the relationships between cells and formulas with tracer arrows. Microsoft on tracing precedents

Unfreezing for printing. Some worksheets have top rows and left columns frozen for ease of reading and entering data. You may want to unfreeze. View > Freeze Panes.  Microsoft on freezing and unfreezing panes.

Printing part of a worksheet. Select the "Page Layout" tab and then click the "Print Area" button in the "Page Setup" group.  Microsoft on setting and clearing the print area.

If you don't see a row of tabs along the bottom edge of the HPAA spreadsheets, you may have the window sized in such a way that the tabs are hidden. Microsoft on "Where are my tabs?".  

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