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Leaving HP or HPE -- Layoff, WorkForce Reduction, WFR, EER, Enhanced Early Retirement, or otherwise.

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Advice from HP/HPE alumni who have gone through past cycles -- including actions to quietly take now, even if not expecting to leave:

1. Read: What I wish I had known before layoff, retirement, or leaving -- based on input from dozens of HPAA members.

2. Use the HPAA's Career Checkup -- Advice from members on evaluating your situation.

3. Print -- and start using -- the HPAA's ASAP Checklist. Member advice on what to do before losing access to company systems -- and in the following few weeks. Supplements the official checklists.

4. Whether leaving or not, discreetly untangle your personal business from your employer's IT systems. (Perhaps your Earnings Statements, annual W-2, and other vital communications are going to a company email address that you will lose.) Takes several months. Based on member reports: Moving your personal business

5. Check your LinkedIn profile. Even if not currently looking for a job, you need a strong, credible LinkedIn profile. Reconnect with people who know you and your work. Be found by hiring managers, recruiters, and recruiting bots. You can promote your specialized expertise. Your profile may have been automatically changed. Member advice: hpalumni.org/LinkedIn

6. Members recommend spending most of your job-hunting time searching outside the company -- you are a stronger candidate while still employed. Very few members report landing during their "redeployment period" -- losing critical time and wasting energy on discussions that end abruptly without explanation. Job Hunting

7. Watch "Job Searching for the Mature Worker" -- HPAA video with pragmatic, actionable advice. (Not the usual motivational fluff.)

8. Menu: Pension and retirement plan topics for HP, HPE, EDS, and DEC alumni.

9. You may now have stock in HP, HPE, Agilent, Keysight, or DXC in multiple accounts (such as at transfer agents for spun-off companies) and may not have received cash payouts for Micro Focus or Perspecta. Your current cost basis depends on when you acquired stock as companies were merged and spun out. HPAA members have developed a step-by-step process to untangle HP/HPE-related stock including spreadsheets to verify your records or estimate cost basis for employee stock purchases: Stock

Ask questions. The HP Alumni Association is a member-supported, independent association for former employees of HP and HPE -- and those in the process of leaving. Online forums with member Q-and-A discussions on details of EER, WFR/Layoff, COBRA, retiree health benefits, transition to Medicare, stock, 401(k), pensions, and other financial issues. Simply send us an email. No charge, thanks to HPAA's Supporting Members

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