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We recommend that you work through your stock situation step-by-step. (In addition, this page lists detailed member advice pages for specific situations.)

Micro Focus. Five shareholders who "...purchased or acquired Micro Focus ADSs [American Depository Shares]... in connection with the Merger of Micro Focus and the software business segment of HPE, which was completed on September 1, 2017" have filed a class action against Micro Focus and HPE -- alleging that "...a number of problems seriously undermining Micro Focus’s business and prospects" were not disclosed and citing "...a decline of more than 54% from the Merger closing price..." Details: Micro Focus Suit

Perspecta. For stock cost basis information about the purchase of Perspecta by Peraton, go to hpalumni.org/StockPerspecta

Step-by-step stock recovery process:

1. Stock Issues  Fundamentals of employee stock. Why this is so complicated. Sources of official information.

2a. Spinoff Shares and Cash  How many shares of which HP-related companies should I have? How much cash should I have received from Perspecta and other events?

2b. Stock Decoder Table  Central information page for stock -- old and new stock symbols, shares or cash paid, links to more info, state to check for unclaimed stock, official investor FAQ, cost basis allocations.

3. Where is my stock?   No one but you really cares about your employment-related stock. 

  - Records  Your own records are the key. Obtaining stock records from a broker or administrator.

  - Certificates  You found paper stock certificates -- now what?

  - Options  Member advice on stock options and other incentives.

4. Lost Stock and Dividends  You can easily check the public state unclaimed property sites for lost shares, uncashed dividend checks, and other stray money.

5. Admin and Broker Issues  Members report that brokerages, plan administrators, and transfer agents vary (sometimes dramatically) in how (or if) they make gain/loss and cost basis calculations, in what they report to the IRS, and whether you can correct your broker's records to include lot-by-lot cost basis data.   Fidelity    Morgan Stanley    Merrill Lynch    Schwab    TDAmeritrade    Vanguard Brokerage

6. Cost Basis Spreadsheets  You can check your cost basis records with our copy of official HP data back to 1959. If you don't have good records -- or did not input your lot-and-cost information into your broker's system -- you can use our spreadsheet to estimate your cost basis for each HP-related stock for any span of HP employment from 7/1/1959 through the 11/1/2000 plan changeover.

7. Tax Return  Member advice on stock issues for U.S. tax return

Next step:  Step 1. Stock Issues

For specific situations:

Details on Spinoffs:

Perspecta Sale    Perspecta Spinoff    Micro Focus Spinoff    Micro Focus Details

If you have stock paperwork or certificates from other related companies:  
Agilent and Keysight    Autonomy    Compaq    DEC    DXC    EDS    Micro Focus    Perspecta    Tandem    Other predecessor companies

Reference information:

Official Investor FAQ for each company  Gives current transfer agent, state of incorporation to check for lost stock and dividends, and other key facts.

Stock Price Histories  Links to market price history charts for HP-related stocks.

Stock splits: HP website    HPAA Copy  Official history of HP stock splits.

Original employee stock purchase prices:

- 2000 through 2010: Official "SOP Historical FMVs & Purchase Prices." (Provided to HPAA by HP Global Equity Administration on October  14, 2013.

- 2011 through 10/31/17: Official "ESPP Historical FMVs & Purchase Prices." (Provided to HPAA by HPInc Global Equity Administration on February 2, 2018.)

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