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1. Stock issues for former and current employees.

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"Potential Private Retirement Benefit" letter from Social Security. The key word is "potential." It reports the most recent transaction in a benefit plan that you were once enrolled in. If both "Type" and "Frequency" are coded "A" -- it means that during the "Year Reported" you rolled the money into a different plan, or  bought an annuity, or took the cash. For details or if coded otherwise, go to Potential Benefit Letter.

Background on the HP Breakup into Agilent, Keysight, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HPInc, DXC Technology, Micro Focus, Perspecta... 

Time to untangle your stock! No one but you really cares about your employment-related stock. You may have had stock in up to seven HP-related companies. Your stock may not all be in the same place or be registered to your current postal address. You may need to retrieve lost stock, dividends, or cash payouts, find stray accounts, or estimate your cost basis. An HPAlumniteam has developed a step-by-step process to find and protect your stock. This page is the first step in our process.

Companies are required to turn over unclaimed property to the state after a specific time period, which varies from state to state. As little as two years in some states. The process is called "Escheatment."

If a dividend check is not cashed -- and there are no other transactions that were initiated by you on the stock account -- by law, the "unclaimed" timer generally starts.

How many shares of which HP-related companies should I have?

Example of how to use the table below:

If you owned 200 shares of HPQ on Oct 21, 2015 -- and never sold any of the stock that resulted from the HP Breakup -- today you should have:

- 200 HPQ shares (HP Inc.)

- 200 HPE shares (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

- 17 DXC shares

- 22 MFGP (Micro Focus) "B" shares (and you were paid $118 in cash as of April 30, 2019 when your original MFGP shares were traded for MFGP "B" shares.)

- You have been paid $252 for your PRSP shares, which were sold on May 6, 2021. Either cash was added to your account or check mailed by approx. 6/2/21.

Steps to use the table:

Step 1: In the table below, compare the date when you first acquired HP stock with the dates of these major stock events. This indicates the public companies you should have shares in based on your purchases of HP stock (if if happens that you never sold any of the HP spinoff shares.)

Step 2: Click on each "Dividends" link in the blue column to find the most recent dividend or other payout that you should have received if you still have the stock registered in your name -- with your correct postal address.

Step 3: If you had 100 HPQ shares on Oct 21, 2015 (date of the HPInc/HPE split) -- and have not initiated the sale of any HP or spinoff stock since -- you should currently have the number of shares (and have received cash) as shown in the green column. (Amounts approximate, since fractional shares are paid out in cash.)

Step 3: If you are not getting dividends or payouts for a stock you believe you own, go to  Check for lost stock

(Stock symbol)


Date of stock event


Did you get the most recent dividend or other payout? (Which proves that the stock is still registered in your name.)


Check each link!


If you had 100 shares of HPQ on Oct 21, 2015 (date of the HPInc/HPE split) -- and have not initiated the sale of any HP or spinoff stock since -- you should currently have the number of shares (and have received cash) as shown in the green column. (Amounts approximate, since fractional shares are paid out in cash.)





HPQ Dividends


100 HPQ







HPE Dividends


100 HPE


HP spun off Hewlett Packard Enterprise. HPQ shareholders received 1 share of HPE per HPQ share owned. Hewlett-Packard Co. renamed HPInc. and stock symbol changed from HWP to HPQ.





DXC Dividends


8.6 DXC


HPE Enterprise Services business spin/merge with CSC, creating DXC. HPE shareholders received 0.086 share of DXC per HPE share owned.

Micro Focus (MFGP)




MFGP Dividends


(13.7 MFGP
which were exchanged for "B" shares and cash as of


HPE Software business spin/merge with Micro Focus (UK.) HPE shareholders received 0.137 share of MFGP (U.S.) per HPE share owned.

Perspecta (PRSP)




DXC Notice


(4.3 PRSP
which were exchanged for cash as of


DXC U.S. Public Sector business spin/merge with two other companies, creating Perspecta. DXC shareholders received 0.5 share of Perspecta per DXC share owned.

Micro Focus (MFGP)




ADR Notice


11.3 MFGP "B" shares
+ $59
paid as of 2019-04-30


Micro Focus "Return of Value" due to sale of SUSE business. Micro Focus shareholders received 0.8296 MFGP "B" shares plus $4.30 cash in exchange for each old share.

Perspecta (PRSP)




News Release


$126 in exchange for the 4.3 PRSP shares as of 2021-05-06


Perspecta bought by Peraton. Peraton paid $29.35 cash in exchange for each Perspecta share. PRSP shares have vanished from your account. Either cash was added to your account or check mailed by approx. 6/2/21.

If you owned HP stock on May 2, 2000, you participated in the spinoff of Agilent from the Hewlett-Packard Company (stock symbol HWP at the time.) Go to Agilent and Keysight Stock to check your stock and dividends. 

If you have stock paperwork or certificates from other HP-related companies:  
Autonomy    Compaq    Digital    DXC    EDS    Micro Focus    Perspecta    Tandem    Other predecessor companies

Stock options  How they work. How they expire. Tax issues. If you exercised stock options last year, you need both a 1099-B and a W-2. How to obtain your option-exercise W-2

If an entry on your tax return doesn't match what a broker, administrator, or transfer agent reported to the IRS (shown in a 1099-B they sent you) enter the correct data and include an explanatory note in your return -- using your tax-preparation software or via your tax preparer. Eventually, the IRS will mail you a computer-generated notice about the discrepancy between your tax return and the 1099-B reports. You then follow the instructions in the notice to reply with a copy of your supporting data

Next step:  Step 2. Stock Decoder

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