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Menu of Benefits and Medicare topics for HP, HPInc, and HPE alumni   

Advice and reference info from members. These topics can be discussed in the HPAA HPAA Benefits Forum

If leaving or recently left, see our ASAP Checklist. Member advice on what to do before losing access to company systems -- and in the following few weeks.

"Potential Private Retirement Benefit" letter from Social Security. The key word is "potential." It reports the most recent transaction in a benefit plan that you were once enrolled in. If both "Type" and "Frequency" are coded "A" -- it means that during the "Year Reported" you rolled the money into a different plan, or  bought an annuity, or took the cash. For details or if coded otherwise, go to Potential Benefit Letter.

Which Company - You may be a retiree or former employee of more that one HP-related company. Your years-of-service may be calculated differently for your severance payment or retiree healthcare eligibility vs. how your vacation/FTO and other benefits were calculated while employed.

Health Insurance - from company or otherwise. Heads up! Contact directories. Future of retiree healthcare. How to escalate. Dental.

COBRA Health benefits continuation -- including premium assistance under the American Rescue Plan.

Medicare Decoder (Whether or not receiving benefits from HP/HPInc or HPE.) If transitioning to Medicare soon, you have a lot of homework to do!

Comparing health plans. Carefully compare plan details -- especially between similar-sounding group and individual plans.

Finance issues  Including stock, pension, 401(k) ... 

Employee Stock. Time to untangle your stock! You may have had stock in up to seven HP-related companies.

Discounts Advice and reference info from members.

Contacts for former employees. Member advice: stock records, employment and salary verification, Payroll. W-2, HPInc and HPE Retirement Service Centers, HPInc and HPE Benefits Centers, etc.

Insurance programs. Company-subsidized insurance programs, Insurance discount programs marketed using company facilities and communication channels. Group Legal Services. Death benefit.

Retiree gold badge. Now symbolic only. (At some older sites, may be useful for discounts at some local businesses.)

Company-matched donations.

What I wish I had known before I left. Surprises and hazards -- based on input from dozens of HPAA members.

For those who worked at:  Agilent    Autonomy    Compaq    Digital    DXC    EDS    Keysight    Micro Focus    Perspecta    Tandem    Other Acquisitions and Spinoffs 

Report disability or a death to the company 

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