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Job Searching

Links, advice, and reference information from members of the HP Alumni Association...

Job Searching for the Mature Worker -- HPAA video  Watch video on YouTube 

Speaker: Pat Richards, from nonprofit NOVA Workforce Services, Sunnyvale, California.

Practical, actionable advice:

- Changes since you last looked for a job.

- Developing your job search plan.

- Industries where age matters less.

- Age-neutral resumes.

- How to use your network.

- Local federally-funded job centers nationwide.

Questions and discussion:

- Handling a career break.

- "Career marketing" scams.

- How to explore the changes in your field at low cost.

- Certificates.

- Degree completion.

- Volunteering as a way to learn new skills.

- More...

"The presentation was excellent."
"Great webinar ! Thank you :-) "

Watch video on YouTube  (50 minutes; YouTube optimizes video quality for your connection speed.)
Questions or comments to: operations@hpalumni.org

Links mentioned in the video:

▪ The video refers to the "PSR Methodology" -- Problem, Solution, Results -- to strengthen how you describe your experience.

▪ Online Job Search Plan. Walks you through the four major stages -- with examples, tools, and short videos. From NOVA: My Plan.

▪ There are 3,000 non-profit federally-funded Job Centers nationwide -- providing job-search assistance, skills development, and career counseling: Job Center Locator.

▪ Advice from HPAA members on job hunting -- inside or outside HP.

For additional career and job information: Networking, LinkedIn, "What I wish I had known before I left HP," Restrictions on returning to HP. Employment and Salary Verification, HPAA Job Posts, and more -- see the main HPAA page on Career and Job Issues.


Know someone who is leaving HP? They should use the HP Alumni Association's "ASAP Checklist" immediately. It has advice and mutual help -- developed by HPAA members -- on the many things you have to do before you lose access to HP's internal systems.  (HPAA membership not required.)

Currently at HP? Whether you expect to leave HP soon or not: advice and information from HP alumni on transition planning; stock purchase cost basis; networking; "What I wish I had known before I left HP" -- and more. (HPAA membership not required.)

Gone from HP? Untangle employee stock purchase cost basis; compare notes on US retiree and COBRA health plans and how they work with Social Security; see US job openings from employers interested in recruiting HP alumni; post your technical questions on the TechTalk forum -- and more. Join the HPAA at no charge.

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