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Group Legal Services Plan

From former employees of HP and HPE. (Mar 30, 2024.)  Question? Email: info@hpalumni.org

Group legal plans are marketed by third parties to employees and retirees using company facilities and employee benefits communication channels. These are not actual benefit programs.

The company makes no contribution to the cost of the plans and is not a party to the transactions.

Here's what ARAG tells employers: "Legal insurance means peace of mind for employees and a more productive workforce -- at no cost to you." https://www.araglegal.com/employers

When members have discussed this in the HPAA Benefits Forum over the years, the comments have been mixed. Many members were pleased; others were not. (BTW, members report that it can be hard to cancel ARAG in mid-year.)

You get a lawyer who is hungry for business -- and hoping to sell additional services not covered under the plan. ARAG tells attorneys: "...adds additional business that initially we spend little or no time and almost zero marketing dollars to develop. The long-term benefits, in addition to free cash flow, are: More client referrals. Repeat business, both using and not using the plan. Outside client referrals. ...allowing us to provide additional non-covered services."   How Attorneys Can Make Money with Legal Insurance Plans

To evaluate the plan:

1. Enter your zip code in their Attorney Finder to see who you might get. https://www.araglegalcenter.com/home/attorneyfinder/index.htm (enter 15641hpr) 

2. To see a lawyer's experience and specialization, look them up in the Bar Association directory for your state (or use Google to find their website.)

ARAG controls the level of service you receive. ARAG's website says that much of the service is provided using online documents or by phone.

What matters are excluded from coverage?

"ARAG legal insurance plans have only four exclusions:

"1. Matters against ARAG, the policyholder, insured's employer and/or an insured against the interests of the named insured under the same certificate. [Under the plan, there is a certificate for each employer.]

"2. Legal services arising out of a business interest, investment interests, employment matters, employee benefits, the insured's role as an officer or director of an organization, and patents or copyrights.

"3. Legal services in class actions, punitive damages, malpractice, court appeals or post judgments (settlement agreement signed by all parties, final binding arbitration, judgment issue by a court).

"4. Legal services deemed by us to be frivolous or lacking merit or, in actions where the insured is the plaintiff and the amount we pay for legal services exceed the amount in dispute or in our reasonable belief the insured is not actively and reasonably pursuing resolution in the case." 

The alternative to subscribing to a group legal plan: If you ever need a lawyer, you can find one in your local area through referrals from people you know and trust.

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