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H-1B and Green Card applications  (Updated Jul 2, 2017.)

How to see the H-1B record of a company you are thinking of joining (or check if your job is now being filled through H-1B.)

U.S. Department of Labor data on H-1B and Green Card applications is available online from a company called "VisaDoor." Statistics are public, you can get a free account to see location and salary for each job.

Look up any company: http://visadoor.com/companies (Try searches on variations of the company name to find subsidiaries, acquisitions, spinoffs, former names, etc.)



- HPInc 

- Hewlett Packard Enterprise  

- HP Enterprise Services 

- Hewlett-Packard Company 

- Computer Sciences Corporation  [The new company name, DXC, is not yet listed]

- Mphasis Formerly 61% owned by HP. DXC announced a "new Solution Partner Relationship" with Bangalore-based Mphasis in May 2017. Mphasis has 22,000 total headcount; 24% of revenue from HP/DXC. March 2017


HPInc's directory of filings on their website: http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/lca.html


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Operated by volunteers. Not officially endorsed or supported.

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