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LinkedIn Tips & Traps. Time to update. (Based on member discussions, research, and experimentation.)

If dealing with possible layoff or considering retirement: Practical advice from HP/HPE alumni who have gone through past cycles -- including action to quietly take now even if not expecting to even if not expecting to leave. No password required. Leaving HP or HPE

Check your LinkedIn profile. Even if not currently looking for a job, you need a strong, credible LinkedIn profile. Reconnect with people who know you and your work. Be found by hiring managers, recruiters, and recruiting bots. You can promote your specialized expertise. Your profile may have been automatically changed.

Why LinkedIn?

Even if not currently looking for a job, you need a strong, credible LinkedIn profile.

- People you are dealing with will look you up -- and expect to find at least a minimal profile.

- Recruiters and hiring managers search for skills and background to find people who aren't currently looking.

- You can search. Reconnect with people who know you and your work. Be found by recruiters. LinkedIn's article on how to search for people, jobs, and companies.

Comments from HPAlumni members:

"Got a call from a recruiter who found me on LinkedIn. Led to a job with higher pay and rewards. My current job description had the primary skill my new employer was looking for."

"I'm diligent about keeping my profile updated -- it attracts inquiries about my consulting work. This often leads to a great contract." 

"We're all in business today. There's very little job security -- and we have to keep up with the network of people we know."

If you don't have a LinkedIn account, start here: account settings -- member advice on how to receive job leads and requests to connect -- but have reasonable privacy.

Note: LinkedIn is not private. What you join, follow, post, comment on, or "like" is potentially available to recruiters, hiring managers, prospective business partners, and your connections -- but also potentially available to rivals, competing companies, scammers, and identity thieves. In addition, LinkedIn has been breached in the past.

Recruiters search for skills and background using bots. Check your LinkedIn profile. It may have been modified without your knowledge.

Click your photo, select "View Profile." You may be surprised. 

This matters: 1. You may not be found. 2. Recruiters view illogical entries -- such as HPE positions before 2015 or an "EDS" headquartered in Egypt -- as fake.

For example:

- HPE changed many decades-old HP positions to HPE -- with the green logo.

- LinkedIn has been standardizing company names, with odd results. Deleting inactive companies and eliminating organizational units from their company database. No information on an employer and no logo looks fake. (Instead, mention the old company, division, call center, subsidiary, or HP Labs in the Title or Description for a position.).

- It is easy to wind up with an unconvincing employer on a real position.

We have instructions on how to get LinkedIn to properly display positions at HP, HPE, Agilent, Compaq, DXC, EDS, Keysight, Micro Focus, and Tandem.

Strengthen your LinkedIn profile to be found by bots -- and to present you accurately to humans.

- You need to assume that the recruiters, clerks, and "AI" bots searching for candidates know nothing about technology or the industry. They search for specific words or phrases, based on the job req they are trying to fill.

- You need to cover your technical specialties, experience, and skills; show that you are up-to-date; counter clichés about HP -- and override some robotic LinkedIn features.

- You can emphasize or de-emphasize some of your background and de-emphasize your age.

Before making changes, be sure to turn off the share with network feature -- unless you want your current managers and co-workers to find out that you are on the move

The quickest way to strengthen your LinkedIn presence is to follow these steps in order:

1. LinkedIn tips and traps (you are here)

2. Check critical LinkedIn account settings Receive job leads and requests to connect but have appropriate privacy.

3. Optimize your Profile Recruiters and hiring managers can find you.

4. Optimize your Positions Your profile displays your experience -- but doesn't look fake -- so you can be found. Accurately list your HP, HPE, Agilent, Compaq, DXC, EDS, Keysight, Micro Focus, Tandem, etc. positions.

5. Use LinkedIn's networking features Find former co-workers who know your work. And avoid letting promoters, scammers, and fakes use your network.

6. Notification settings Get the LinkedIn emails and notifications you want. Easy to fix.

Next step -- Account Settings:  Check account settings

Question? Email: info@hpalumni.org   (Apr 23, 2024)

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