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5. Administrator and Broker Issues  

This page is one step of our Stock Recovery Process. There is a link to the next step at the end of this page. If you haven't gone through the previous steps to determine which of six HP-related stocks you should have, start here: Employee Stock

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Join the HPAA Finance Group.

Members report that brokerages, plan administrators, and transfer agents vary (sometimes dramatically) in how (or if) they make gain/loss and cost basis calculations and in what they report to the IRS. Each of hundreds of firms is expected to read SEC filings, analyze Corporate Action Notices, and update the records they maintain on behalf of their clients.

If you have HP-related stock at any of these administrators or brokers, check for HP-related issues reported by HPAA members: 

- Fidelity. Fidelity issues reported by members  

- Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch issues reported by members

- Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley issues reported by members  

Next step:  Step 6. Stock cost basis spreadsheets

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