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UHC Medicare Letter - "HP has decided to end your prescription drug coverage" - 2014

Advice and reference info from members...

UHC has been sending two different Medicare prescription coverage letters:

▪ "...your plan sponsor has decided to end your prescription drug coverage" -- covered in this post

▪ "...you may have to pay a Late Enrollment Penalty..." -- covered in a separate post


Sample letter on the HPAA website:

https://www.hpalumni.org/UHC-EndDrugCoverage.pdf  [700 KB pdf file]



UHC letter regarding your RX coverage (Updated 12/16/14)

12/16/14 UPDATE:  There are three groups of Medicare retirees and/or spouses who received the letter from UHC stating that "Hewlett-Packard has decided to end your prescription drug coverage":

1. Medicare retirees/spouses who changed plans during Annual Enrollment and elected the Medicare Advantage PPO plan for 2015

2. Medicare retirees/spouses who changed plans during Annual Enrollment and elected an HMO or exchange plan for 2015

3. Medicare retirees/spouses who didn't make a change during Annual Enrollment and received the letter in error

The first two groups received the letter correctly since these retirees/spouses will be changing Rx providers starting 1/1/15, but there is no break in coverage.  The third group received the letter in error.

All three groups will be receiving a follow-up letter from UHC that either states they received the letter correctly (groups 1&2) or in error (group 3) based on which group they fall into above.  For all three groups, HP and the HP Benefits Center have the correct information and there will not be any gaps in coverage.

12/15 UPDATE: HP has confirmed that the UHC letter was sent in error.  UHC will be sending out a second letter stating that the original letter was sent in error.  There is no change to your coverage and you can confirm this with UHC and/or the HP Benefits Center

You or your covered dependent may have received a
notice from UnitedHealthcares Optum Rx alerting you that your prescription drug coverage is ending.  UHC sent this letter without HP's knowledge or consent.  HP did not "decide" to drop coverage for any of its retirees.  HP's records do not reflect RX coverage ending for any HP retirees.

If you have elected to continue enrollment with an HP sponsored medical plan option that coordinates with Medicare, HPs sponsored group Medicare Part D prescription drug program will continue to be offered by HP.

HP is working with UHC to determine why the letter was sent and more information will be posted here as soon as its available.  In the meantime, you can contact the HP Benefits Center at 1-800-890-3100 with any questions.


This is the complete article from HP's official HP Continuum site -- before it was moved to Conenza. Retrieved 12/17/14 11pm.




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