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EDS Acquisitions

This is our unofficial directory of EDS acquisitions.  (Jul 5, 2023)

Dates given are generally the date of closure, not the date of announcement.

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 AIG Systems Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MphasiS) 10/09  
  Alpha Beta Associates (EDS) 1983  
  Amtec Information Services (EDS) 1987  
  Apex (EDS) 1990  
 A. T. Kearney (EDS) 1995 2006
  Automated Health Systems (EDS) 1983  
  Automated Wagering International (EDS) 1994 1997
  Automotive Retail Group (ARG) (EDS to ADP) 2004
  Aviva IT (EDS) 7/09  
 BC Ministry of Small Business and Revenue IT (EDS Advanced Solutions) 2004  
 BEI Golembe (EDS) 1993  
 BFL Software (MphasiS) 6/00  
  Blue Shield of California IT (EDS) 1969  
  CAPSCO Software (EDS) 1997  
  Compusource (EDS) 1979  
  CUNADATA (EDS) 1981  
  Databank Systems, New Zealand (EDS) 1994  
  dbINTELLECT (EDS) 1993  
  EDS Advanced Solutions (Canada, unionized. "HP Advanced Solutions") 8/08 
  EDS (Electronic Data Systems) HPAA's guide for EDS stockholders 
  (to DXC, the CSC+HPE spinoff. HPE stockholder info )
8/08 plan: 4/17
  Eldorado Computing (MphasiS, EDS 62%) 2005  
  Enron IT (EDS) 1989  
  Essentium (EDS) 4/01  
  ExcellerateHRO (TowersPerrin, EDS, HP, Xerox) 3/05 8/10
  Feld Group (EDS) 2004  
  Française de Maintenance (EDS) 1998  
  GCS Ltd, New Zealand (EDS) 1994  
 GFI Informatique, France (EDS) 1991  
 GM IT (EDS) 1985  
  Gruppo S&M, Italy (EDS) 1993  
  IDee, Germany (EDS) 1992  
  Injazat Data Systems (40% EDS) 3/04  
  A. T. Kearney (EDS) 1995  
  mbp, Germany (EDS) 1992  
  McDonnell Douglas Systems Integration (EDS) 1991  
 MCI Systemhouse, Canada (EDS) 1999  
  Medas, UK. (Partnership with Coopers & Lybrand on BBC account.) 1997  
  Mphasis 33,000 employees; was 61% owned by EDS then by HP.
  34% of revenue from HP. HP share sold in 2016. "In conjunction
  with the sale, HPE also entered into a five-year renewal of its existing
  services agreement with Mphasis, whereby Mphasis will
  continue to provide strategic service delivery capabilities to HPE." 
  HPE Announcement
2006 9/16
  MTech (EDS) 1988  
  National Information Systems (EDS) 1974  
  Nexagent, UK (EDS) 2008  
  Optimum Systems (EDS) 1983  
  Potomac Research (EDS) 1979  
  RelQ Software, India (EDS) 2007  
  Saber Corporation (EDS) 2007  
  Sabre Holdings IT (EDS) 2001  
  SD-Scicon (EDS) 1991  
  Société pour L'Informatique, France (EDS) 1987  
  SOLCORP (EDS) 1998  
  Structural Dynamics Research (EDS) 2001  
  Systematics, Germany (EDS) 2001  
  UGS (EDS) 1991  
  Unigraphics (EDS) 1991  
  Vistorm Holdings, UK (EDS) 2008  
  Weiland Computer Group (EDS) 1983  
  Wendover Financial Services (EDS) 1997  
  Wyde (bought by HP's 61%-owned MphasiS) 8/11  

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