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HP History: 4. Websites on overall company history.  (Links updated Oct 25, 2022.)

Timeless business lessons from HP history

HP people talk frankly about what went right -- and what went wrong -- as this continuous startup grew rapidly for decades. hpalumni.org/BusinessLessons

HP publications

As-it-happened coverage of HP culture, products, and businesses. Searchable archives of the HP Journal, "Measure" magazine, catalogs, manuals, Digital Technical Journal, and Tandem Systems Review.  www.hpalumni.org/hp_history-publications

Memoirs of HP people

Why Hewlett-Packard was such a special place. Developed, edited, and introduced by John Minck. There will be someone you knew, worked for, or are curious about. www.hpmemoryproject.org/timeline/company/memories_home.htm

Unofficial HP Archive

Searchable pdf files: 15,000 pages of catalogs, manuals, periodicals, app notes, more -- personal website of Glenn Robb. www.hparchive.com

HP Memory Project

History of HP in products from 1939-2000 -- personal website by the late Marc Mislanghe, now operated by Ken Kuhn. www.hpmemoryproject.org

HP Computer Museum

Photos, documentation, literature, and downloadable software -- personal website by the late Jon Johnston, now operated by David Collins. www.hpmuseum.net

Official Timeline

HP History Timeline. Internet Archive

Official HP Archives

HP and HPE have jointly hired HeritageWerks, a public relations agency, to digitize and display the HP photo archives on a website. Many early photos. Products featured at the top level tend to be unusual ones; dig deeper into the site for coverage of the more successful and long-lived products.

The site is designed to emphasize social consciousness, quality of worklife, and technical innovation.  www.hewlettpackardhistory.com 

To send a comment or propose the donation of documents or objects. www.hewlettpackardhistory.com/contact As with any archival organization, if your offer is accepted you will be sent an agreement to sign.

Computer History Museum

Public exhibits in Mountain View, CA include IBM 1401, PDP-1. HP references in "Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing" exhibition: "HP Way" "PalmPilot" "HP-35"

Storage facility in Fremont by appointment.

Search online: Many of the 1,000 physical objects are cables, accessories, and unidentified boards. Some searches: Printer  Computer  HP3000  Calculator  

Oral histories: 45 transcripts and videos of oral history interviews related to HP.

Donate an artifact: "CHM is interested in collections of unique primary source materials in the form of personal papers or organizational records, hardware artifacts that illustrate significant engineering developments or showcase innovative design, and source code." As with any archival organization, if your offer is accepted you will be sent an agreement to sign.

More HP history links:

HPAlumni "HP History" directory. https://www.hpalumni.org/hp_history

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