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LinkedIn Tips and Traps - Step 6 - Get the emails you want  (Updated June 12, 2018.)

LinkedIn sends you emails you don't want -- and doesn't send you emails you do want.

LinkedIn sends several emails per week to induce you to visit the website -- such as "Check out Mary Smith's new photo." You can quickly limit the spam and still get the ones you actually want.

We recommend following this procedure to control your email settings:

1. For emails from LinkedIn groups -- such as the HPAA's "HP Connections" group -- go to https://www.linkedin.com/anet?dispSortAnets
-- which lists all the groups that you are a member of. Check the settings for each group.

a. The email address in the window is probably whatever the primary email was on your account at the time you joined that particular group -- which may be a former personal or work address. For some reason, LinkedIn does not simply track your current primary address,

b. To keep up with the group, check all the boxes.

c. Remember to "Save Changes." <smile>

2. Adjust the notifications in your "LinkedIn Updates" emails. Some of the default settings will suggest things that may not be a good idea -- or bury the information you want in notifications that are not useful. For example, leaving "Work anniversaries" set to "On" will get you notes like "John Smith is celebrating 30 years at Hewlett-Packard. Congratulate John" -- which may be based on a profile that they haven't updated since their WFR. If you send a message via LinkedIn, be sure to substitute your own wording for the default wording. If a connection changes their profile to "Looking for new opportunities" -- the canned suggestion is "Congratulations on your new position!"

3. For each of the many types of LI email, there is a checkbox somewhere in the dozens of confusingly-named account settings. Here's the secret path:
Click on your photo > "Settings & Privacy" > "Communications"
However, due to the ambiguous names for the settings, it is often easiest to handle each type of email as it comes in. Once you have determined than a open email is of a type that you do not want, scroll down past the content and click the "Unsubscribe" link in tiny, faint blue type, on a gray background, all the way at the end of the email.

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