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HP Stock Decoder     

How shares of the Hewlett-Packard Company have spawned shares of HP Inc, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology, Micro Focus, Agilent, Keysight... and a new IT services company yet to be named.

(Added price history links. November 19, 2017.)

See also our main page on stock issues -- contacts, employee stock, stock records, cost basis, options, SARs, etc. http://www.hpalumni.org/stock

Fortune article summarizing breakup of Hewlett-Packard into HP Inc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC, and Micro Focus.

The HP breakup stock deals were generally structured so that there was no taxable gain to shareholders. (With a cash payment for the leftover fraction of one share.)

Some of the deals were structured as cash payouts instead of stock -- which generated a taxable gain or loss for that year.


For each share of   [stock
  owned on         you received   [new stock
  Reference sources

Hewlett-Packard   HPQ           Where's my HP stock? [scroll down]   HPQ   HP and HPQ Price History

Hewlett-Packard   HPQ   2000-05-02   0.3814   share of Agilent Technologies
Where's my Agilent stock?
  A   HP FAQ   HPAA Advice   Agilent Price History

  CPQ   2002-05-03   0.6325   share of Hewlett-Packard Company
Where's my HP stock? [scroll down]
  HPQ   HP FAQ   HPAA Advice   HPQ Price History

Agilent   A   2006-10-16   0.122435   share of Verigy
In 2011, Advantest bought
Verigy shares for cash -- see below.
  VRGY   Agilent FAQ   Cost Basis  

EDS   EDS   2008-08-26   $25   cash from Hewlett-Packard Company   -   HP FAQ   HPAA Advice

Verigy   VRGY   2011-07-04   $15   cash from Advantest (Japan)   -   Advantest PR   Verigy Options

Autonomy   AU   2011-10-03   £25.50   cash from Hewlett-Packard Company   -   HP PR   Impairment

Agilent   A   2014-10-22   0.5   share of Keysight
Where's my Keysight stock?
  KEYS   Agilent FAQ   KEYS Price History

Hewlett-Packard   HPQ   2015-10-21   1.0   share of Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Where's my HPE stock? [scroll down] 
  HPE   HP FAQ    Cost Basis   HPE Price History

Hewlett Packard
  HPE   2017-03-20   0.0859   share of DXC Technology.
Where's my DXC stock?
  DXC   Cost Basis    HPAA Advice   DXC Price History  
HP PR (HPE shareholders received 50.1%)

Hewlett Packard
  HPE   2017-09-01   0.1373   Micro Focus ADSs
(American Depositary Shares)
Where's my Micro Focus stock?
  Cost Basis   HP PR   MFGP Price History   
HPAA Advice   Contact HPE
(HPE shareholders received 50.1%)

DXC   DXC   2018-03-31   -TBD-   share of "Newco" serving US Government clients   -TBD-   DXC PR    DXC Transcript  
(DXC shareholders will own about 86%)


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