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Stock Decoder   (Updated Aug 12, 2017.)  

HPAA's master decode table with details of how shares of Hewlett-Packard have spawned shares of Agilent, Verigy, Keysight, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology, and Micro Focus. Details on many aspects of HP stock history: http://www.hpalumni.org/stock

(Table is In chronological order.)


For every share of   (symbol)   owned on                 you received   (symbol)   Reference sources

Hewlett-Packard   HPQ   2000-05-02   0.3814   share of Agilent Technologies   A   HP FAQ   HPAA Info

Compaq Computer   CPQ   2002-05-03   0.6325   share of HP    HPQ   HP FAQ   HPAA Info

Agilent Technologies   A   2006-10-16     0.122435   share of Verigy   VRGY   Agilent FAQ

EDS   EDS   2008-08-26     $25 in cash from Hewlett-Packard Company   -   HP FAQ   HPAA Info

Verigy   VRGY   2011-07-04     $15 cash from Advantest (Japan)   -   Advantest

Agilent Technologies   A   2014-10-22   0.5   share of Keysight   KEYS   Agilent FAQ

Hewlett-Packard   HPQ   2015-10-21   1.0   share of Hewlett Packard Enterprise   HPE   HP FAQ    HPI/HPE Split

Hewlett Packard Enterprise   HPE   2017-03-20   0.085904   DXC Technology   DXC   Form 8937    PR    HPAA Info

Hewlett Packard Enterprise   HPE   2017-09-01   TBD   HPE shareholders will own 50.1%
of Micro Focus (UK)
and US
  Prospectus    PR    HPAA Info  
Stock Transition


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