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Agilent, Verigy, Keysight stock issues for HP shareholders  (Updated Apr 30, 2022.)

Time to untangle your stock! Depending on when and how you acquired HP or HPE stock, you may now have stock in up to five (formerly seven) completely separate HP-related companies -- usually in multiple accounts -- and may have missed cash payouts. How many shares of which companies should I have? How much cash should I have received? hpalumni.org/stock

If you received a letter from Social Security entitled "Potential Private Retirement Benefit." If "Type of Benefit" is "A" -- in the "Year Reported" you rolled to a different plan, bought an annuity, or took cash. More: https://www.hpalumni.org/PotentialBenefitLetter.

This information was developed by a team of former employees using archived SEC filings, contemporaneous press releases, and investor information often no longer available on the HP website. The HP Alumni Association is operated by volunteers. Not officially endorsed or supported. Comments: info@hpalumni.org

Also see these pages if you ever worked for  Agilent or  Keysight

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Stock details for...

Agilent:    Current Agilent Stock FAQ   HP Spinoff FAQ (>Jun 2, 2000)   HP Information Statement (May 11, 2000)   HP Tax Letter (Jan 10, 2001)    Computershare DRIP Offer (Apr 25, 2012)

To check for lost stock: Agilent is incorporated in Delaware 

[Current links to originals of  HP Spinoff FAQ   HP Information Statement   HP Tax Letter ]

Verigy:   Agilent Stock FAQ   Agilent Info Statement   Agilent Tax Letter   "94.22% of a Agilent Stockholder’s aggregate tax basis in his or her shares of Agilent common stock prior to the Distribution should be allocated to such stockholder’s shares of Agilent common stock and 5.78% should be allocated to such stockholder’s shares of Verigy"

Advantest:    Advantest Announcement   Stock Options

Keysight:    Keysight Stock FAQ   Agilent Stock FAQ    Price history    To check for lost stock: Keysight is incorporated in Delaware

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