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4f. LinkedIn Positions - HP, HPE, Agilent, Compaq, DXC, EDS, Keysight, Micro Focus, Tandem.

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Steps: 1. Check account settings  2. Optimize profile  3. Optimize positions  4. Use networking features

Check your LinkedIn profile. During the HP breakup, HPE changed many decades-old HP positions to display the HPE name and logo. LinkedIn has been standardizing company names, with odd results. Recruiters view illogical entries -- such as HPE positions before 2015 -- as fake.

You may wish to emphasize (or de-emphasize) some of your background by breaking out (or merging) separate positions. If so, you need to carefully edit your profile to pick the right company from similarly-named companies.

Note that organizational units such as divisions, subsidiaries, HP Labs, etc. that were formerly listed as though they were separate companies are being eliminated from the database of companies. You can mention an acquired company or an organizational unit in the Title and/or Description for a position.

EDS. At completion of the sale on Aug 26, 2008, EDS was temporarily structured as a wholly-owned subsidiary called "EDS, an HP Company." On Sep 23, 2009, it was renamed "HP Enterprise Services." However, neither "EDS, an HP Company" nor "HP Enterprise Services" are in the LinkedIn database as valid, separate employers. References to either jump to Hewlett Packard Enterprise -- which didn't exist as a company until Nov 1, 2015. Until then, as far as LinkedIn is concerned, ex-EDS folks were employed by HP.

Website operated by volunteers. Not officially endorsed or supported.

If LinkedIn doesn't have a company page for what you enter, settle for the blank gray logo -- as long as the phrase isn't too similar to the name of one of the companies in LinkedIn's company database. This is not recommended for variations of HP, HPE, EDS, etc.

Recruiters who are looking for people from a particular company because of product knowledge, process experience, or culture may not find you -- and if they do find you, may think that your profile is a fake.

Hewlett-Packard or HPInc: Enter "HP" -- and select it twice -- for the official HP company page and logo. Do not enter "HP Inc" or "Hewlett-Packard" -- with or without the hyphen.

If you enter "Hewlett Packard" without the hyphen, the wordless green-rectangle logo with "Hewlett Packard Enterprise" as employer comes up.

"Hewlett-Packard" -- with the hyphen -- is not listed as an employer in the LinkedIn company database.

"HP UK" includes people from all over the world. Even if in the UK, not a good company to use -- a recruiter may not find you. Indicate your UK work location in the entry for the position.
(HP Labs is part of HP Inc; Hewlett Packard Labs is part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.)

Key date: Nov 1, 2015 -- renamed "HP Inc" after the HPInc/HPE split.

At times, HP temporarily changes the logo used on social media -- for example, a "rainbow" version of the logo was used in June 2022.

HPE: Enter "Hewlett Packard" -- and select it twice -- for the official HPE company page and logo to get the wordless green-rectangle logo with "Hewlett Packard Enterprise" as employer.

(The HP name and logo were taken over by HPE.)

Note that the company name is "Hewlett Packard Enterprise" -- singular, not plural, and no hyphen. <smile> Here's the internal training video  
Key date: Nov 1, 2015 -- HPE opened for business.

Agilent: Enter the full company name -- "Agilent Technologies" -- and select it twice.

Key dates: IPO -- November 18, 1999. Fully independent -- June 2, 2000.




    1. Enter "Compaq Computer Corporation" -- and select it twice -- to get the "Q" Compaq logo.

or 2. Spell out "Compaq" and stop there  -- and select it twice -- to get "Compaq" and the HP/Compaq logo.


LinkedIn displays other companies that are not the real Compaq.

- "Compaq Computers" with no logo is a 34-person company in Ohio.

- "Compaq Computer Holdings Limited" has no employees.

- "Compaq International" is a cable manufacturer in India.

- "Compaq Comptuer" [sic] is a house in Connecticut.


Key date: May 6, 2002 -- legal merger completed. (Compaq brandname used for some PCs and PC accessories for several years.)

DXC Technology: Enter "DXC Technology" -- and select it twice -- for the official company page and logo. (Don't enter just "DXC" -- you get a blank logo.)
Key Date: April 3, 2017 -- HPES spinoff and merger completed with Computer Sciences Corporation; renamed DXC Technology.


EDS: The only way to get the correct company and the blue "bowling ball" logo is to enter "Electronic Data Systems" -- and select it twice.

If you enter "EDS" instead of spelling it out, there are many companies that come up.

Key date: HP acquisition completed Aug 26, 2008.

"EDS, An HP Company" and "HP Enterprise Services" were segments of HP. Therefore neither is in the current LinkedIn company database. 


"EDS Group" has no logo and is shown as privately held. The real EDS was a public company.



Many former EDS folks have the wrong company on their LinkedIn profile. A recruiter searching for ex-EDS people may not find you.

- "EDS" outsourcing company in Egypt with a red chevron logo -- formerly "Egyptian Document Storage."

- "EDS Technologies" CAD/CAM software company in India with a triangle logo..

- "EDS" yields a facilities services company in NC with a square logo made up of blue arrows..

- "Energy and Densification" Systems has a blue football-helmet-shaped logo with "EDS."



Keysight: Enter the full company name -- "Keysight Technologies" -- and select it twice.

Key date: November 1, 2014

Micro Focus: Enter the full company name with the space between the words -- "Micro Focus" -- and select it twice.

Key date: HPE Software spinoff and merger -- September 1, 2017

Tandem: Enter "Tandem Computers" -- plural -- and settle for a blank gray logo. There are many companies that come up when you enter "Tandem."

"Tandem Computer" -- singular -- is a legal software company.

There are several companies named "Non-Stop" or "NonStop" -- nothing to do with Tandem.

We were not able to discover a way to get the correct Tandem Computers logo when adding a new position or editing an old one.

Key date: June 1997 -- acquired by Compaq Computer. [None of the companies called "Tandem" or "Nonstop" in LinkedIn company database are correct.]

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